Friday, May 29, 2009

Kickin' it Old School.

Alright I made the decision to buy a bathing suit on Thursday... as my previous one had a see through back side. Rather than make the world suffer by exposing my cavernous can, I decided to stop into Sports Authority to get a new set of trunks. Well apparently I decided to skimp out on coverage to save some dough so I decided to rock the brief or as others know it as "the grape hanger", "The Banana Hammock", " Good Ol' Little suit", ""Man-kini" Bottom" , figure at worst case senario I can toss them on under a worn out jammer. ( I'm really liking Kastaway's $23 jammer deal...I'm going to take advantadge of it.) Anyway, my choice of swimwear aside, this week has turned out to be an old school training week. Wednesday I got back into the pool and realized just how out of shape I had gotten. Thursday I ran about 7 miles and swam another 3000 yards, this time it felt a little better. Yesterday another 6-7 miles of running, my planned swim was kaboshed by "get us out of the house before we go insane" movie night with my sisters.
Today 100k ride in Middlebury with Josie. Sunday my sister, Christina graduates high school, she and Melissa will be moving to Newport in September So I'll have an excuse to visit the island.
So that's all for me.

Lettin' it all hang out.

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Bullet said...

You forgot "fruit smuggler"