Thursday, June 11, 2009

And so another pair of running shoes bites the dust....

" Without you I'd be lost...well no actually I'd make a new clone, but there would be a 10 minute period where I'd be completely inconsolable" - Dr. Evil.

Well my New balance 768's that I bought last September have finally shifted off this mortal coil. As I ran in them last night I could feel a slight jarring in my heel and ankle and I knew that the Coushining had given up the ghost. That my 8 miler last night was their last hurrah. So today, payday, while I should use some of this money toward other things...I will be spending roughly $80 at either Sports Authority or Dicks getting myself a pair of NB 749's. I figure $80 now is better than $280 to the Ortho and 4 weeks of no running later. I'm debating on how to best dispose of my 768's...should I do what I traditionally do toss them in the grabage can. Or should I give them a more honorable disposal... cremate them, then scatter their ashes on my 13 mile loop. There were comfortable, supportive, and will be sorely missed.
Requiese in Pace



LG said...

bronze them and use as a frame base for all your race numbers ;)

i too feel sadness when my favorite pieces of gear that have served me well have seen their last miles.

Charisa said...

New shoes are fun! I hate it when the ones you love quit working though. You're smart to update them before you get injured!