Monday, June 8, 2009

What is the "Road Closed" of which you speak?

Ok disclaimer, part of the reason for my semi-bitter title to this post is a few incidents took place during REV 3 with traffic control a couple at my road block and one incident with one of my teammates on the run. Apparently "road closed" is a concept they didn't teach in driver's ed. Now most of the guys I let through on my end were working at the farm right on the ever I had a couple of people trying to shortcut to the White Memorial Nature Preserve, as evidenced by the ticked off look on their faces when they came back. I had only let 4 cars up when a state trooper pulled up and was like "dude unless they work for the farm don't let them through because we got the road sealed at the other end. " Not even two minutes after he left I had some chick in a white truck with a horse trailer nearly plow through after I explained in very calm rational terms that the road was closed. and she in a very "how dare you tone" explained she needed to meet someone and couldn't go around because the "god damned state police" had the road blocked on the other end and proceeded to gun it cyclists be damned. Thankfully most of the other motorists weren't bitchy...then again most of them were driving with kayaks on the roof and while a little upset that they had to drive the extra 3-5 miles to the Preserve's main entrance they seemed pretty chill after all if you roll with a kayak on your roof you sort of get this whole extreme sport thing.

The second incident occurred as one of my teammates was run over at mile one on the run. An elderly driver ran the police road block and hit her breaking 3 bones in her foot.

Seriously is there something in the water in Connecticut that makes us think those road closed signs are for everybody else, I mean ok Speed limit is a polite suggestion you know as long as you're within 40mph, but there are somethings that are written in stone, like red lights...oh wait I've blown 1 or 2 in my life, police road blocks...umm..well it wasn't clearly marked thankufully once I started seeing the carnage of a major accident the cops turned me around and parked their cruiser broadside...crap I'm one of those lousy CT drivers...well I guess addmission is the first step in the road to recovery....It's going to be a long journey....

Ok Rev3 report or Bob meets Bree and Grease Monkey and pics coming soon.



Runner Leana said...

What is it with drivers that think they are the be all and end all and should always get their way? What a disappointing day for your teammate. How terrible.

Kona Shelley said...

That sounds pretty bad. We should carry laser beams on our bikes and zap those offenders!