Sunday, June 14, 2009

The New Shoes

Yep I went out and bought myself a pair of New Balance 769's by mistake they were marked as $59.99 and as a result got them $30 cheaper than retail. To celebrate and vent off some life frustrations I went for a 9 miler to break them in. Yesterday was the infamous grad party..mainly my source of stress, I had mentioned it in passing to some of my friends none showed up granted I really haven't I still wait for one grade so I can get my diploma. My sisters' friends showed and they had a good time so I guess it was worth the money I had to shell out for it. So no training went down. Today I got a call from Tony and so hauled out to Southington for an 11+ mile tempo run. We finished in 1:27. It was a good hard run that my legs sorely needed.The 769's worked like a charm as they felt like pillows on my feet. My base is strong from all the swimming and cycling so my cardio was fine, but the legs have needed more mileage. Tony and I have similar running pace but different strengths he tends to come on strong at the end and has a developed kick. I tend to go out like a house on fire to try to build a lead because I have absolutely no sprint speed. So the whole 11 miles we took turns pacing when I felt good I pace ahead and build a small lead, then when he felt good he'd come along side. And in the final sprint he kicked ahead. Tempo running with a training partner is defintley better than running alone as you tend to push harder when someone else is going hard with you. Today was a true test of my pacing and I feel confident going into to Patriot and Providence, that I can hold in the mid-7:00's.

Feelin' Fast

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Bullet said...

As much reading and studying that you've done, I would expect you to quote from some great theologian rather than Van Wilder. But I guess you should never discount wisdom due to the source. Hope the shoes workout for you.