Friday, June 5, 2009

Swimming laps with Pros.

Ok so it was only one pro. I was doing a 3500yard swim workout at the Waterbury Y when I noticed some Chick with a Team Powerbar Cap stretching out by the bleachers. Since the Age group team was taking up 4 lanes and lane 6 had been conquered by the Aquarobics crew I figured I'd split a lane. Nothing sucks worse than having a great workout planned and not having a lane. So as I began my kick set I'll called over that I was willing to split. Now I figured maybe she was some elite Age Grouper, maybe She hoped in an did the introduction thing " I'm Bob Almighty*" I stated " Belinda Granger"..she said back. Belinda Granger...The Belinda Granger...The winner of Hawaii 70.3 last weekend....I was a little star struck for the rest of my sets. I'm sharing a lane with Belinda took awhile for the shock to subside even after the's just something I'm not used to. I did want to pick her brain a little thankfully I'm a notoriosly slow changer so she was able to slip out rather quickly, and unaccosted.

If Cam Brown or Bree Wee show up to the HEAT swim tonight...someone may just have to use that defibulator on me.

Almost Kinda Sorta a bigshot

* ok I used my real name.


Runner Leana said...

Too bad, I think it would have been really amusing if you had introduced yourself as Bob Almighty. Way to kick it with the pros!

Bullet said...

Shut yo lying mouth! That's awesome. What the heck is she doing there? Did you feel the need to kick it a little hard watching ever aspect of your form? Too cool.