Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bob-o Could be going south.

Well Friday after a long discussion with my dad ( I got the song and dance to Please help us with one bill even though you're struggling to make it...I could go into a whole post about this but will spare you dear readers of my personal issues...I did enough ranting on that this summer.) I checked my voice mail as he went on his soap box about the way will show itself to you as I tried to spew off my list of objections...but it was to no use he was rolling.

Any way as I checked through my voicemails that night I got one from Travelers. As I listened to the voice on the other end speaking in a noticeable southern twang he stated "Mr. Almighty I've got your resume infront of me and it says you live in Connecticut, I doubt you want to move to Virginia but we do have some openings down here that you appeared interested in. "
Since it was after closing on a Friday night I couldn't get back to him but will call tomorrow to find out about the position to see if it's worth it. needless to say I texted my amigos, Nashville, Adam, and Sir Angry, about the position as I immediately began to look into rental prices.

I hit my parents with the news the following day that I had an offer in Virginia, and before I even got into "I'm researching it..." The list of objections came forward "Where are you going to stay? How much are they paying you? Do you know XYZabout real estate because we're realtors and things are XYZ in Connecticut? " from my mother. "After stating I'm looking into it...I haven't signed any dotted lines I still have to findout exactly what I'm getting..." Her objections contiuned to pour out "How much are they paying you because if it's not at least $50,000 it's probably not worth it." At this point I wanted to scream at her but thankfully held it in. I'm not stupid and know that no entry level job no matter how good is going to pay $50k a year to start with...but if I can make $30k-$35k that's enough to cover a rent and cover my current bills, and if that's the start then I have a good shot to make more with experience and it's better than sitting on my butt as a bank teller in CT making under $20k. Now yes it would be a little easier if the position was in Connecticut, I have friends and relatives here, know the properties here, hell my parents could probably get a commission on my rental, but as I mentioned earlierI need to research the position before I make any moves on it and if it's something that might be worth it I'll take it. I'd hate to let a good opportunity slip through my fingers because mom and dad want their son to stay home and take care of them. And in this economy a good opportunity is a rare gift.

I do have a couple of things working in my favor for this, one of my High School Friends is working and going to school outside of DC, and my godfather works in DC granted I haven't really heard from my godfather in almost 5 years. Also from traveling to the south and keeeping in touch with my homie in DC the cost of living tends to be lower than living in the good ol' tax you to death....I mean nutmeg state.

Likewise it doesn't get as cold in VA as it does in CT and their is a fairly large and developed tri community down there. Whether or not I'll take the position that's been offered me I don't know, but maybe as my father went on his soap box about on Friday night, this is the plan showing itself to me.

Still a Yankee for now


KO said...

That will be a big change if u make the move, you'll have to learn to talk again to fit in...Nicer weaher I take it...

I added some specs to my bike list mind checking it out, it would be great thanks...

Bullet said...

Let's get one thing straight. DC is NOT the South. There's too many good spellers there. They don't even serve sweet tea there. Secondly, any opportunity is a good one right now. The job market is terribly tough, so kudos to you for qualifying for a decent job. Whatever you decide, don't let triathlon factor too much into it. It doesn't pay the bills. It's a great hobby, but it's just a hobby. Best of luck in deciding.

Runner Leana said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!