Monday, January 11, 2010

The fruits of Cat sitting

Well this weekend I spent my time up in Hartford house sitting for Josie and her Boyfriend as they frolicked in Puerto Rico ( so jealous the warmest it got on Saturday was 21F I just popped on the 2004 Ironman highlight show on their Tivo and curled up with their siamese.) I did drag myself away from the luxury that is cable TV to get myself to the Plainville Y and managed to get a 2300 pool swim in. I was hoping to go longer but a migraine cut it short. I stopped in on my folks grabed a bite and some motrin and made my way back to Hartford with my sister.

Sunday I really did want to drive down to church but the couch had arms and I set my head back down one bat of the eyelash it was 8:30am the next it was noon. Josie and Jon came back up I got paid for my duties. Most of the cash went toward my pile of bills but I smuggled some to buy myself some desperately needed equipment. First a new pair of New Balance 769's I lucked out in that they were on sale. Second a new Speedo Jammer. My old equipment had gotten so battered there was a hole forming on the crotch and I had been wearing 2 beat up grape hangers beneath it to keep "the boys" out of view. Tonight I christened the new equipment.

I got back from sports authority got into my running gear and my sexy new shoes for a dark five mile jaunt to the high school and back. The run was pretty uneventful excet that I nearly face planted when I tripped over part of a snow bank as I attempted to dodge a car. I managed to stay up right but I really tightened my calves.

Tonight I christened the speedo in the tight confines of the Waterbury YMCA pool. The tri cub/masters swim group had taken over 2 lanes The all girls' school's, Westover's, swim team had taken over 2 more lanes and there were some aquasizers using the other free lane. So the all the cool kids piled in my lane. I was determined to get atleast 4000 yards in , I had wanted to get 5000 but it was proving to be a difficult proposition in the cramped confines. So we organized a sprint work out instead. I had already gotten 2700 yards on the board, and it was going to be hectic to try to do any major distance work. We decided on 2 x 10 25's on :30 followed by 4x50's on 1:00 ( I did 5 on :45 and preceeded to have my balls busted by two of the slower guys...yes I am aquaman!) with a 200 kick between sets and a 200 pull to cool down. The aquasize lane opened up after we finshed the last set so we were able to spread for good cool down, but it had been a tough set for most of the guys in my lane. One Aussie in his mid 40's mitch held onto me pretty good on the 25's and a couple of 50's, one out of shape high school stud and one oof the day guards flaked after the second group of 25's and my buddy Dave a lawyer, who had been part of the masters group for years was the last of the lane 4 brawlers. Despite the crowding it wasn't too bad of a night and I managed to throw down 4200yds into the pot for this week tally in the HEAT virtual New Zealand swim.

All and all not a bad night.

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Josie said...

Did we pay you enough? I didn't even see what Jon gave you, but I really do appreciate your time this past weekend. I know, I am a crazy cat lady...thank you for taking care of my girls and my home. I am SO sorry that it was so F***ing cold in here!!! The repair people are coming tomorrow. Also, I hope you know that you were more than welcome to eat whatever was in the fridge and drink the booze (like we don't have enough!!!). You left a water bottle in the freezer, I will return it shortly...let me know if we owe you more $$$!