Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Swimming like a mofo... mofo

Well in the last 3 days I've logged over 16,000 yards including 8300 today. Last night was an easy night my workout was only 3800 yards the main set consisting of 3x( 5x100) 1st set smooth Freestyle on 1:25 2nd set Pull on 1:25 and the 3rd set Swim on 1:20. I had a group of guys from the Plainville Y tri team looking at me and saying comments like "are you a pro?" I wish if only my bike split could get with the program and it will eventually.

Today I did double swim sessions a 3700 yard work out this morning main set 3x (500 on 7:00 100 Easy on 2:00) I did pretty well on the 500's and without even trying to I managed to descend the set. Doing a 6:40, 6:35, 6:30 respectively. Tonghts work out was 4600 but it wasn't as impressive as it sounds my main set was unoriginal 5x200 on 2:45 followed by 5x200 pull on the same interval. I felt kinda bad for the other guys in my lane because I felt like I was charging through as I was sprinting these things. So today's total was 8300 yards, giving me more Street cred in the HEAT virtual New Zealand swim competition.

I had wanted to run this afternoon but the cold and my sinuses sort of told me to think better of it. I'm out of work early tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to put some more miles on those new running shoes. Likewise since I don't have a crazy early season Ironman to worry about, I can hit the weight room and I need to badly.

So that was today, also worked up the courage to talk to swim coach, it went pretty well except for the fact that I'm not really her type but she is always looking for friends outside of work so that works out well.

Happy Training


Judi said...

8k in a day? that's nuts bobby!

Josie said...

8300??? You are crazy, dude!