Thursday, November 29, 2007

I think I could call this a rest week...kinda...sorta....

So far my workout stats this week have benn well unimpressive. Here's the run down.

Sunday: 22 mile run ( See Death March Post.)

Monday: worked and guraded let my aching hip recover.

Tuesday: Swam 4000 yards ( main set 4x500 on 7:00) I kept making it with like 5 seconds rest so I felt badass, despite my lack of pool time.

Wednesday: Worked, Ran 5 miles in 40:35, went to class, had dinner with a hot young lass...yea I said that.....

Today: had planned on getting a trainer workout or early morning run in. Snooze button wrecked that. Classes and work aren't leaving time for anything Today might become rest day part duex....maybe I might be able to sneak in a 4 miler or some pool time, we'll see.

Friday: Definitely getting on the trainer for at least an hour and a half. Masters Swimming: So at least 3000 yards of pool time.

Saturday: Ride and run...hopefully a 50/16 brick....but we'll see. I'll be up at the lake. So hopefully it will be more than 50 but like I said it depends on day light and cold....I might take a heater break in the middle. But I need the run.

Sunday: A swim workout either before or after Mass. A run if the weathermen in New Englan keep following their current track....predicting the end of the world and we get squat..which always makes me happy. (They're talking snow, ice, sleet, the coming of the Apocalypse, dogs and cats living together as one..... so the outdoor rides will probably be at an end, but hopefully not.)

Monday: Their talking the mother of all Ice storms, I may blow off class if it isn't cancelled, and just park on the trainer....but hopefully we'll get nothing and I'll get in an early morning trainer session .

So that's the wrap up and preview. In all this I still have to eek out Christmas Shopping (ugg! shiver!) read up on the Middle East, amd get a Prjoect ready to go for Anthropology.

The Smasher of the Snowmen


rocketpants said...

Sounds like some great training. Yea...those storms they predict the end of the world and then it ends up being nothing. Hoping for that for you.

Speed Racer said...

Nooooo, I don't like that Sunday weather forecast, although I heard that the yuck wasn't coming until night time.