Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why I've seemed so bitter.

Sorry for the bitter tinge to the last couple of posts. Work, life, and Mr. Stalling Mortgage Broker have been making my life a living hell, also the fact that Christmas , a holiday that has a nice Hydrocholric Acid like burning sensation on me, is 28 shopping days away is also helping to fuel the fires. I will deal accordingly.

Work: I am a bank teller, I am the only full time teller without advanced training so I am 99.9% of the time working the drive thru. On a good day this experience can be somewhat de-humanizing, when you add the words "christmas" and "less than thirty shopping days until" to the equation.....I go from feeling like a somewhat well adjusted team player, to another "brick in the wall." seriously nothing makes a person feel worse than recieving one word commands like they're some kind of dog, and my 6-9 hour days consists of hearing.. "deposit", "slip" ,"cash" "balance"," what do you mean over drawn?", "pay"..etc...etc... It gets to the point I zone out truding along performing transaction like a Human ATM machine, and occasionally, am taking aback when I find out a customer is trying to start a conversation as I am staring blankly at the computer and the mirror looking at the cars piling up in the line. The other pet peeves, are the customers who ask for balances before I deposit of transfer into accounts, and demand a slip for it and it has to be print just so and sealed in an envelope just so and the envelope must be sealed just so, and if you don't do it just so You get this look like you're the biggest idiot on the planet....man it feels good to get that out. .....

Life: Exams...yea.....papers....yea.....shopping...yea.....training...sanity break.......
I just forked over $1300 for my hotel and New Zealand Crap...I bought some items for my bike...ok a lot of items for the bike....my parents just started real estate ( and everyone's spending on gifts not houses, but they have some leads so it could be all good, if not now definately in Feb. March with the income tax refunds. down payments!) so I try to help out when its needed....and Mr. mortgage Broker is still dragging his feet (10 freaking months.) with this refinance deal. so that's pissing me off also the fact that I spent alot and might be called upon to spend more.....so Mr. Mortgage broker is on my shit list. Although it would be sweet if all my parents little leads closed on their deals before this yucknut could get us the numbers...all the cash none of the interest....that would be sweet.

So yes the Holidays and their financial and mental cost is taking its toll on me so I expect to be somewhat grumpy from now until January 2,2008. Sorry if I haven't been my normal somewhat happy/stoic self..but I find the blog is a healthier way to unleash my pent up frustration..than exploding krakatoa style....so that was me cleaning out my closet.



Angry Runner said...

Yay we can be pissy together!!1

rocketpants said...

I'm sorry to hear things in life have been weighing on ya...but you are right, it is better to vent it out on the blog than go crazy on someone in the drive through bank line. Hang in there.