Saturday, December 1, 2007

The hardest hour and a half of my life.

Well today did not produce the long outdoor ride I was hoping for. (Snow squalls that turned into accumulating white stuff prevented that, granted my part of the state was untouched but cursed by holiday shoppers.) So instead I managed to get in a "short" 8 mile run. After consuming way too many calories watching the Ironman Highlight show, I decided to burn off some of the excess poundage by popping in that Carmichael Time Trial tape. The work out:

10 minutes with 2x 2min lactate thresholds warm up
3x 5 minutes above threshold with 5 minutes recovery
3x 2 min at 85 rpm, 2 min at 100 rpm, trying to maintain constant effort.

my legs have never burned like that in my life, save for one Half Ironman bike split in the Berkshires. Well that was the day. Not the most valuable training day I've had but I put in a good 2.5-3 hours.

Updates of Note:
Team Blazeman has just shipped me my stuff. Kevin sent an apologetic email, apologizing for the delay in getting the dri-release tees printed. Also Karen Duffy has started sending out the weekly newsletters and the group is asking athletes to send in their stories and hopefully inspire others to join the cause. ( Please check out the You Tube video posted.) So hopefully there will be a little bit more posted on their website in coming weeks, other wise you can subscribe to the newsletter it does get circulated.

That's enough for me tonight...I've got to get some shut eye...I've got a possible pool workout or run on tap tomorrow morning, both if the weather decides to stay fairly descent, and 2 to 3 hours on the trainer (most likely to the tune of the motorcycle diaries, miracle, inspirational or long shit...note to self by Ganhdi with Ben Kingsley as sound distraction for the long workout.) Like I said that's the game plan for tomorrow.

The Kid who needs to move to California


rocketpants said...

Ah yes...moving to cali would alleviate some of the winter training insanity you are going through. Nice 'short' run. Keep up the good training.

Angry Runner said...

Did they figure out where the money goes yet?