Monday, December 24, 2007

50 mile ride....and the Drunken Runner?

Well this weekend was a long one. As I sit at my terminal I am recovering from playing cabbie until 1am. I will start it all with my ride at Waramaug on Saturday.

Sat: Drove out to the Lake with my road bike en tow. It was a balmy 35 degrees, the wind was blowing,the cold was radiating off the snow, as as I pulled out for my first of 6 loops flurries began to fill the air. now the sheltered parts of the lake were enjoyable, houses and trees blocked the wind and the cold, traffic was non existent, the roads were a little wet and that sounds dirty.... and the use of those wonderful $5.99 foot warmer packers were an investment well spent. Despite the fact I had nice warm tootsies, the fact that a nice snow/ice/rain squall decided to hang over the lake for a good 15 to 20 min. made the roads a little greasy at around the fourth loop., I gutted out two more to get an even 3 hours in the saddle. Average speed was about 16 mph..not bad for risking life and limb ridin' in a winter wonderland. After that it was the mad dash to the grocery store for the X-mas run and weekly staples, as well as my last two gifts.

Sunday: A day of sin and debauchery....Kyrie Eleison......
Ok the Greek for "Lord Have Mercy" was definately in store as the CT Rat Pack descended upon the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, The day began for me as most Sundays do hitting the snooze button and running late for morning mass. After mass and a quick Dunkin Donuts run it was off to Angry to pick up the motley crew. A quick lunch stop and we were off to the Casino along the rain /melted snow slickened highways of CT...I was jeered for my "grandmaesque- cautious driving style." And this is while they were sober. We arrived at the Casino and immediately made our way to the craps table. Well at first my luck was running sour....within 20 min. I had changed all $50 I had brought with me into chips. Then the luck changed.....Adam(aka Ron Paul for Pres.) got the dice after I crapped out, he brought us back, then after a couple of crappy pun intended... rollers got the dice it was the old man's turn. Now this old guy showed up quietly took the dice and just a hit the zone...and took us along for the ride...seriously you know its good when after 6 rolls they bump the buy in up. Needless to say this guy brought me back from the brink of elimination. Then it was up to Greg and Nashville to keep the Karma train rolling..and roll it did...when we finally cashed out we had all doubled our money. it was then off to the bar to get the already tipsy runner completely smashed. Adam and Nashville decided to go Long Island Iced Tea for Long Island Iced Tea for 3 rounds...and I the designated driver was busted at every opportunity by the waitress...who I think was flirting with me but....I don't know. Anyway it was at this point that someone suggested that we [support the arts] * the brackets indicate words and phrases that have been changed to protect myself from embarrassment.* The others nodded in agreement and who am I to argue with the guys who are giving me gas money. After the bar it was off to find Nashville's lucky slot machine....sadly Angry and I were not so lucky on the slots as Adam who won $80 in one shot....I lost $20 of my hard fought earnings. Nashville and I hit the craps table one more time I broke even winning back the $20 I'd tossed down...Nashville pocketed $45...Adam and Angry standing behind us saying f this s lets go to [the art gallery] the entire time. Well needless to say we went to the [art gallery] and it was a scene of debauchery most...well debauched nature......I was heckled the entire drive to Hartford as I avoided downed trees and slowed for rain slicked curves.....drunken voices in the back chimed " Don't brake on the high way, we'll all die if you brake on the highway." " did you know 95% of all fatal accidents occur in rainstorms and usually kill the sober person in the car." " Do you know the penalty for driving without a renewed registration sticker is 10 years in federal butt rape prison...." , etc..... Well after more drinks and debauchery it was time to get everyone home, after a quick burger/gas/pee run I got Adam home followed by Angry who was vowing to run today....we'll see if he does he was pretty messed know it's bad when you drunk dial your boy scouts, then hauled Nashville back to his parent's place, before heading home knowing that tonight when I step into church my ass will probalby fall down some sinkhole to Hell....because after Last night I'm pretty sure that's where I heading....may god have mercy on my soul as I attempt to purify it with an insane 8 miler tonight, or tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. We'll see how that plays out. i wil edit this post later to include pictures or the ride...not the debauchery...I'd like to keep my site rated PG-13

The sinful Swimmer


Speed Racer said...

I was getting texts from Angry throughout the whole day. It was pretty funny.

"have you ever ridden with Bob? He drives like an old lady"

"Oh shit, we're all going to jail, his insurance and registration are expired."

"I'm in the money. Woooooooooooooooo!"

"Pretty drunk"

And then they stopped. I guess that's when you guys decided to "broaden your horizons". It sounds like you had fun. Anyway, I'm sure God's not too mad. I'm pretty sure He looks favorably on designated drivers.

rocketpants said...

Sounds like a crazy night!