Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Alright yes, that day we/I have been dreading is finally upon us. The day when all the shopping, racking up debt, getting ready to choke slam the person in line in front of you/the guy who cut you off for a parking slot/ the clerk/bank teller who declined your credit card....etc, and stress has finally paid off for a day of peace and goodwill (hopefully). So to all of you out there who celebrate Christmas: Merry Christmas and may it be a most blessed affair (despite the fact that we celebrate at this time of year due to Roman Politics rather than historical accuracy.) To all those who celebrate Festivus which was yesterday...Happy festivus. To all Muslim readers....I hope the Hajj and day of Sacrifice were spiritually fulfilling and will help bring humanity closer to God.
To all my Jewish Readers I know Hanukkah ended 2 weeks ago but I hope your eight nights were ...well crazy! to the Wiccans/indegionous religions Hope the Solstace kicked ass!And to anyone who doesn't celebrate anything this time of year Hope you enjoy the day off and have enough booze for new Years!
Well that was it!
Happy Holidays!