Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I think we're going to start celebrating 3 Kings' Day instead...

Well Christmas for some odd reason, just never really works out in my house. This year it ended with my mother's mother being taken out on a gurney. Now my Grandma had had a stroke earlier this year and about two weeks ago was in the Hospital with balance issues, after 3 days our wonderful HMO system said she was "well" and shipped her the past two weeks we have had here spending the night twice because she has fallen twice. When I saw her this past Thursday she didn't really look that good, and because she lives on her own and all of us are on hectic schedules, we are thinking that a short stay in a convlaence home might be a good thing. She'll have the support structure she needs, they can actually find out what's wrong and how to fix it, and the nursing staff there is better equipped to help her 24/7 than a 4ft.nothing VNA who comes in for 3 hours a day. Anyway as my Grandma was getting ready for Christmas dinner she had fallen at home, my aunt tried to help her up and grandma fell right back down on top of her. My mom drove over to help the two of them and that put me into hurry up offense to try to clean the cluttered bathroom. Well mom came in with my aunt and Grandma in tow. Grandma nearly took a header on the stairs and then when she came in she "got ill" Mom was immediately on the phone with G-ma's doc and the attending at St. Mary's..Granny was going to the ER but we were hoping she'd be able to make it through dinner. My grandfather came over with his new golden retriever puppy, as part of our heartwarming crazy surprise gift sort of thing....We were taking care of a puppy telling my younger siblings that it was for Pepere..ditto with Pepere...When he came in and saw my Mom cradling ours he was like...oh no...I can't do this....I can't keep a dog.....after about five minutes of looking in to his pup's sad eyes he melted and left dinner with the furry little quadruped. Christmas dinner was eventful. First I spilled ham juice all over my mother's chair as I tried to serve meat...thankfully mom was not in it at the time...otherwise I would not be alive at this moment...Grandma started to fall over during dinner, a quick call to her doc and the hospital, and her deteriorating balance forced us to call for an Ambulance. the younger kids left the table, as EMS came in and got granny to the mom and aunt followed as Dad tried to keep the atmosphere light after all this went on...but sadly it is a bit of a mood killer. I took care of putting most of the leftovers away and ran the supper dishes through the dishwasher, then went to collapse I crashed in my room until desert...crashed on the couch and missed my Grandfather and GrandAunt leaving... the after effect of my little brother pounding on my door at 6 am wanting to open presents..the events of dinner and the fact that I get very little sleep anyway...all those mocha lattes and espresso shots finally taking their toll...I woke up at 5am today and kept hitting snooze to the point I was late for work..all in all its been a crappy 24 hours, but the big thing is yes Grandma is doing ok and this time around she will be getting the care she needs. Today I have to purge the trans fats and Stef Karas will be happy to oblige...I might run tonight before masters but we'll see other wise it will be weights and the pool. So yes I think my sister's suggestion of celebrating 3 Kings' day..Epiphany for all those Church going types...sounds like it might be a good idea..afterall bad shit hasn't happended to us then.

The Smote Scrooge

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rocketpants said...

ohhh...i'm sorry to hear that Christmas was stressful. I'm glad to hear that Grandma is doing better and getting the care she needs. That is important.