Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5AM Trainer session...

Well alright it was more of a 5:30AM trainer session. I spent the vast majority of it looking in the mirror focusing on pedal stroke and moving my legs like the powerful "Flesh Pistons" they are. Today not much is on, class..(.pretty much learning on how a bunch of Chauvinistic Catholic Spaniards destroyed the Advanced Native American cultures of Central and South America and began an Economic and Political Crisis in that portion of the World that lasts to this day...setting the benchmark for Post Imperialistic failure.) then Masters with Dominatrix of the Waterbury Y Stef Karas. Anyway this trainer session really jump started me this morning..I will probably pay fo this collapsing into the sleepy 5 year old position at about 9:30PM and drifting off at an unreasonably early hour. I am amazed though at how much the spinning 3 times a month has helped my pedal stroke...I suddenly feel more efficient/braver on the maybe Stadler-esque bike splits are in my future....with out the whole "Flat F**king Tire!" or "Mein Tummy Ache! " episodes.

Angry's out of Eagleman.....damn it! I was hoping for the infamous Angry vs. Bob-O bike split duel.....Well I guess there's always the Griskus Sprint. Sadly now I too am wondering why the Hell I signed up for the most competitive Half Iron in the Country. Because you were forced fed lead paint as a kid, dropped on your head repeatedly, and if all that doesn't account for it there are Kona Slots at stake Bob that's why!

Also I am debating changing my blog title. I will like always leave that up to the democratic process...any one with any interesting titles please leave a comment.

so recap:
5Am bike trainer session leaves Bob-o feeling pumped up.

Angry's Withdrawl leaves Bob-o bummed.

Class, Stef's workout and being up at 5 am leaves Bob-o on verge of collaspe.

Chugging Coffee like it's his job

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