Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Go until you can't feel your feet.....a blog in 3 parts

I. Training in the Tundra
Sadly my Saturday long ride turned into a routine 40 miler, before my feet turned to ice and I stopped to avoid hypothermia due to the high crosswinds ( I'm prepped for Eagleman and one race on one certain island in a town that rhymes with Mona.) Sadly my plan B of a nice brick came to a screeching halt as my near frostbitten feet argued they could endure no more, about 400 meters into the run. Sunday I was a bum, as I cleaned my room getting rid of almost 15 years of accumulated junk, and watching MY GIANTS narrowly beat the Packers to earn a spot in the super bowl. (* all I have to say at the guys who picked on me all season is my Team's going to the super bowl and yours is where...oh crap they're in too...stupid Patriots.)
ok football fury over...Yesterday I braved the cold and got in a close to 20 mile run, going on a 4 town reign of terror for almost 3 hours. The riskiest part being a nice little stretch of Waterbury's East End and Cheshire close to the I-84 on ramps. I hauled into Southington via Marion Ave and then back up into Wolcott past the Golf Course (no way I was braving the Mountain on that day.) My Gatorade bottles on my fuel belt froze, which became evident as I tried to take a drink at about the 17 mile mark...odd thing was while my Gatorade was frozen semi-solid my water was relatively untouched...so now I have my frozen water bottle on a winter long run story.
II. Bob-o's sold out ( if this had been done on my home PC the Reel Big Fish would be blaring)
In other News I have officially signed with Team Zoot/Gu so I am now a "sponsored athlete"...I know the major perk is discounted product, but I figure this is a nice step on an athletic resume...granted so is an Ironman win...but for right now some Lemon lime and orange Gu2O and Chocolate and Strawberry Banana Gu will definitely help.

III. Donate $1 or more to my Teamblazeman page and you will get the following:

1. The personal feeling of satisfaction that you might help cure Lou Gehrig's disease.
2. A tax deduction from IRS
3. My thanks and gratitude.
4. I will write your name on either my arms, legs or decal on The Bitch Stomper for I.M. New Zealand.

To those who have already donated thank you, remember to claim it on your taxes, and I will write your names on one of the aforementioned places to those of you that will donate...thanks in advance....
Ok that's enough blogging on company time.

The model employee


Speed Racer said...

I can't believe you're riding outdoors in that shit!

Why don't you finish the outdoor rides indoors? That way you get road practice and can still put in the miles.

Good luck with the fund raising. I'm learning first hand how stingy people are.

Speed Racer said...

You can stay at my place for the Patriot Half if you want. It means an inhumane wakeup call (since I live about an hour away), but it's free and comes with breakfast and dinner. Also, Angry was talking about coming up for the Loon run the next day. The REAL question now is whether I can do Loon and the Patriot all in one weekend. Well, that's a decision for another day. My point is, you can crash here if you want.

Iron Eric said...

I joined the Team Zoot GU as well. It should be an awesome Team to Join! Best of luck in 2008!