Thursday, January 24, 2008

You mad murderous Bitch!

That epic line from Arthur Miller's The Crucible, were the word running through my head as I looked at last night's main swim set. After along day at the office and CCSU ( the Harvard of Centrally located Public Universities in Connecticut.) I risked life and limb on I-84 and managed to still get to practice early....Stef handed me this workout

1000 free
2x 200 pull
4x100 drill/swim

Ok the warm up wasn't bad, the kick hurt because I ran almost 20 miles on Monday but it wasn't bad. Then the "fun" set began

4x 200 1 on 2:55 1 on 2:50 1 on 2:45 1 on 2:40
Now you know its bad when your "lanemate" is putting on fins, I managed to make this set granted the last 200 hurt.

3x 200 1 on 2:45 1 on 2:40 1 on 2:35
I barely made them all.....the next set I seriously wanted to choke slam somebody

2X200 1 on 2:40 1 on 2:35
I did both of them on like 2:39 the first was touch and go the second was survival.

1X200 on 2:30
I skipped this one my lungs rejoiced
1x100 on 1:10
I did it on 1:11 does that count?
I did an easy 200 pull as penance for skipping the 200 hard, the pool was closing so I got out with out doing my 100 cool down so my total for last night was a hard fought 44oo yards.

I have come up with 3 things I need to do after IM New Zealand, to improve my swim splits for 2008.
1. Lift on a more regular basis. This once or twice a month crap ain't cutting it. When I was at Fordham I was swimming six days a week half the time doing two a days and lifting four times a week with core work on the two off days...and my splits were the fastest they ever were.

2. Dedicate one swim work out a week to speed....long rest, short distance get those fast twitch muscles to do their share. I may not have agreed with my College coaches on everything but this I did.
3. Work the core. Break out the medicine balls!

This weekend looks like it'll be more of the same runs and rides if the weather cooperates, runs, swims and trainer workouts if it doesn't. Two weeks until taper Can't wait!

Well that's all for now

The Flying Fish


Angry Runner said...

You should go out with Stef. That would be fire.

rocketpants said...

I would have to wear fins and become a fish to even get close to that work out.