Thursday, February 21, 2008

I should seriously write a book about this....

If I haven't faced enough adversity in trying to train, fundraise, and get to Ironman New Zealand, Mother Nature is deciding to bust my balls at the last second. This morining as I got into work I was immediately hit with one of my co-workers saying she was coming in in a full snow suit tomorrow. I looked at NBC and checked Bob Maxon's forecast ( I could no longer take the antics of Scott Hiney...I mean Hanney, who is probably doing a snow dance at this moment.) Friday night into Saturday they are expecting "A Traditional New England Nor'Easter." 6-8 inches of snow and sleet muhahaha! Now seriously anytime there is the incling of a flurry these guys are breaking out the deathtoll meter, early warning system , and crazy religious wackos saying " Repent the end is Here!"Now I don't have much faith in their forecast, I think we'll get some white...(hopefully not) but I'm thinking 3-4 inches, I mean these guys have been prediciting the next ice age since gets Ok weather rant done!

If the roads are absolutely horrible on Saturday I'll take the Metro North in, figure the rails will be clear, and I can grab a cab to JFK or do the Connecticut Limo thing.

I got a later more commuter friendly flight back to NYC from LA So I won't be sitting at JFK For 3 hours waiting on the CT Limo Shuttle. That's always good right?

Well regardless, it seems like things have been popping up all along the way to try to stop me from doing this, which means one of three things will happen in Taupo

1. I will finish against all odds,At the stroke of midnight after enduring terrible hardship, winning the Hearts and minds of athletes everywhere.

2. I will have one of those " Greatest Game Ever Played" Moments. Being an unknown amateur and suddenly stun the tri world more than Chrissie Wellington's Kona Win, either beating Cam Brown and Luke Bell in a Duel Down under or coming damn close.

3. I will have the greatest race of my life, Qualify for Kona, get massive sponsorship and turn pro.

Or at least that's how it would turn out in a novel.

Regardless of what happens I will finish even if, in the words of Jon Blais, " They have to roll me off the course."

Ok mush gushy emotional part of the post over.

Praying For Clear Skies and a Tailwind.



Angry Runner said...

"these guys are breaking out the deathtoll meter, early warning system ,and crazy religious wackos saying " Repent the end is Here!"

HAHAHA! That made me LOL.

The Angry Express is in a constant state of analysis for Saturday morning, and the only variable will be which vehicle to take. I'll call tomorrow and we'll get it together.

BreeWee said...

oooh, I like all 3 options! They all at least have you finishing the thing! So, a big 8 days huh! I am pretty excited for you... are you nervous or what?! Maybe you will have a super race and get a ton of support/sponsors and you end up loving the Iron distance so much that you sign up for Ironman Japan & your sponsors fly you and me out there to race! ha ha, dreaming...
Hope the rest of the rest/taper week goes smoooooooooth! Hope you make it to Kona too!

rocketpants said...

Sorry to hear that the weather crazies are at it again. Fortunately I got out of NE before this year's winter...sheesh.

As for things at the grocery store. Things that are very 'kiwi':

Milo.... malty chocolate milk.

Marmite/vegemite...stay away from that! If you are staying with a 'host' family BE WARNED they will most likely try to make you try it and laugh at the face you make.

Hokey Pokey Ice cream...classic kiwi ice cream.

Kumura chips (as in french fries not potato chips). These are like sweet potato fries, but better. You'd have to go to a 'chippy' (A fish and chip place) to get that. warned ketchup also DOES NOT taste like American ketchup.

L& have to try are in new zealand...and the slogan is "world famous in new zealand". Sorta funny, very odd soda.

Chocolate in general is about 100X better than the junk sold in the states.

I love minties.

Pineapple lumps are pretty yummy too.

McVitte's chocolate biscuits Tim Tams. Jaffa cakes. (FYI...Jafa is a derogatory term for someone from auckland.)

If you are a coffee drinker a flat white is AWESOME. If you are a coffee drinker STAY AWAY from any 'normal' drip coffee. They only do espresso correctly, unless you are at starbucks and even then the drip coffee is questionable. And they may give you instant if you ask for coffee. Tea with milk is the way to go.

Honey...Malaluka (Tea Tree) honey is gross...but other stuff is good.

Meat in general is really good as it has all basically been grass fed and just roamed around.

I know this is way too much for a random trip to the grocery store, but if you have some opportunities to try some of these things...many are very kiwi...some of them are adopted from the UK...

Sorry...long list...enjoy the trip. Best of luck.

Runner Leana said...

Best of luck getting to the airport, and have a blast in NZ!!! I love Rocketpants' list of grocery items. Not sure about NZ for sure, but in Australia if you ask for ketchup you get a blank stare. If you try asking for tomato sauce it works wonders.