Friday, February 22, 2008

Ionman Update: As the snow blows......

Old Man Winter is in his death throws and has decided to puke the White stuff on Southern New England once again. Once again I could go on a massive tie raid, complete with "Al Gore is full of crap.!" Howard Dean Yells ( ARRRAGGG!), and just plain anger frustration and a pure waste of emotion...besides I already did that clearing my car this morning.

In 24 hours I board the big sliver bird and get my butt to Los Angeles, then from there a nice little terminal change and I board Air New Zealand's giant winged beast and 12 hours later arrive in "sunny" might be raining but at least its warm...(insert Angry New Englanders tossing rocks and snowballs at me.) Sir Angry and I are keeping an eye on the weather and road conditions, right now it looks like a sled and a team of dogs might be a safe bet. Either that or cross country skis and a shotgun, biathlon training and protection in that could be a post in itself....

Most of my stuff is ready to go, I've just got to pack my carry on, grab a calling card, and pray my flight is not delayed too late. As of right now arriving flights are delayed 4 and a half hours. I've emailed my travel angent what kind of contengency is in place in case my JFK/LAX flight is running a wee bit late.

So I'm praying for a clearing, and hopefully my next post will be from Taupo.
P.S. Thanks for the encouragement along the way..also Pants thanks for the grocery list, and 'm sure Vegemaite isn't as bad as everyone it?

de-angry de icer

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