Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ironman Update: 9 days and counting.....

Days until I get on the big steel bird: 3
Days Until I hit the Water: 9
Days until I know if I made the Big Show: 10

Okay Bob-o's mini doomsday clock is running, granted of course my countdown has happier ending than the doomsday clock...hopefully..barring any Dingos in canoes making their way across 1600km of ocean .....
Well apocolyptic time pieces aside I am tapering and giving my legs a well deserved rest. Tomorrow morning and Friday I'm planning for some quick 4 mile runs, not much but enough to work the legs just a little bit, you know before I sit with my feet up for 14 hours. I might throw in a trainer session tonight after masters, a nice little 30 min. spin, small ring 15, in the words of Troy Jacobson. I went out for coffee on Monday with Stef....we're just friends, at least for now...and as mentioned before I am on taper which means I'm mostly sitting on my prosterior chain, eating, working, and doing classwork.(gasp)
The Angry Express has annoucned its willingness to haul my butt to JFK, getting home I will utilize the CT Limo Airport Shuttle, since I'll be arriving at 1AM so by the time I claim my baggage, get a bite to eat, etc, It'll be close to 3am or I'll just bite the bullet and call American and get a later flight so in anycase I'll be back in the Dirtywater in time for class on Tuesday the 4th. So that's where I stand at the moment nothing out of the ordinary to report. Expect a pre-flight Post on Friday and then a live from Taupo Post sometime Sunday.

Well that's all from the hood.


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rocketpants said...

Exciting!! There are all sorts of fun things to try over there after the race. Go wander a grocery store, that's a lot of fun just looking at all the different brands. Eat lots of ice cream (post race)...SO good over there.