Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So what are You doing @ 1AM Eastern Time March 1?

Well this week , has officially been nothing to write about, 2 runs ( one was a 4-5 miler on ice the other was an 8 miler in the midst of a rain storm.), My swim Work outs have tapered to the "Below 3000 yard" point, and The Bitch Stomper is packed up and ready to Rock and or Roll the Southern Hemisphere. Also as a side note I did find stickers small enough to detail it, but I will also sharpie names to my arms and legs just so they're visible. This weekend after having Al and the guys at the Bike Rack in Waterbury ( Your source for all things Mountain Bike and Fixed Gear.) help me pack TBS I calculated the time differences between the major time zones and Taupo. For all my readers on the EAST COAST it is a 17 Hour Gap. What does this mean? Well for any one planning on watching the live pod cast/ webstream @ ironmanlive.com( Cannondale Jim, Ken, my Grandpa...etc) this means that the broadcast hours will be a little odd. The Race starts Sat. Mar. 1@ 7AM NZT (New Zealand Time) which means it will be 2PM Fri. Feb 29 EST (Eastern Standard Time) My self projected Finish @ about 11 hours..hopefully less means I will be finishing @ 6PM NZT which equates to the following: My HEAT Gear clad butt will be streaming live @

6AM in London(SAT)

1AM in NYC, Boston, Hartford, and the DirtyWater.(SAT)

12AM in the Tri capital of the Midwest Cleveland Ohio (SAT)

10PM in the LA/San Diego Metropolitan area (Fri)

granted hopefully the cameras will be locked into a riviting age group battle as New Zealand's Finest duel with a few gifted Aussies, some Talented Japanese, and a smart Alec American.
So if anyone is interested in watching me finish, you might need an massive jug of coffee.
Speaking of New Zealand, the Ironman Group down there has arranged this whole adopt an athlete thing, where a local family sort of takes an "overseas" athlete underwing, so I might have a live cheering section afterall....hopefully one with a nice, attractive, single 20 something year old daughter....but wait if they're technically "adopting" me does that mean we're siblings...it'd be just my luck that I'd meet my dream girl and it would be pesudo- incest for me to date her. That and my "NZ Mom" would keep asking when I would be bringing her home a daughter in-law.

Speaking of attractive 20 somethings, I went out for coffee with Stef, hey were just friends, she does have a boyfriend currently...who can probably stomp me like Gina: Angry's dream girl.

Also Castro resigned today, Nike, Disney, and Walmart are propbably chomping at the bit to open sweatshops....I mean help the Cubans embrace a better more American friendly economy.

Well that's all I can write on Company Bandwidth.

The Globe Trotting, Daughter Stealing Ironman


Jodi said...

Tri capital of the midwest....

Hell yeah!

So do you feel better now that taper is in swing?



Angry Runner said...

Stef's boyfriend, eh? Is his name "tony"? I won't publically say what he looks like, but a word starting with "d" with the suffix "-bag" sums it up. She's beautiful. You should sweep her up off of her feet and rid her of her loser bf. He just looks like a moron. Good Lord she is beautiful. Wow...

I'll check in on you after i get out of bed. You'll be on the run by then. yessir. Stef = Hot. Oh yes.