Monday, March 17, 2008

Bike Pjorn on St. Patrick's Day.

Sadly I did not hit the Pub. (probably a good thing because everybody and their brother will be suffering awesome hangovers tomorrow.) Instead to prove How much of a tri geek I am I was looking up bike specs and drooling over what I will be riding in 2 years once I have more dinero in the coffers and a little more time to devote to training.
But with all this talk of Chicks buying bikes I have taken it upon myself as a bike shop rat to show my top picks for bikes: Catherine,Claire I hope this helps.

Today's Post
"Cheap" Category: ie $800-$2000

A Motobecane Le Champion. Sure its mostly aluminum,sure its a no name frame, but it's got full Ultegra and for Claire, Bjoern toasted my Specialized ass on one of these suckers without aero bars on the Nutmeg State Bike Course ( granted he was 3 min. faster and I had a 20min lead but 3 min with out aerobars speaks a lot in a tri.) For $1095 its a good buy. For more deals on decent componets check out this link

If looking for a name brand :

The Trek 2.1 WSD Women Specific Geometry, Shimano 105 which is light years above Sora. $1260 USD For more info Check the link

Giant Ocr A1 Aluminum Frame Shimano 105 and a $1500 price tag Check Out the link for more

Cervelo, I can't believe I'm committing this sin and posting this brand on my site......Tom Boonen forgive me, Lance Armstrong Forgive me, cycling diversity forgive me. In their quest to turn Road Racing and Triathlon into IROC ( for non auto racing fans IROC was a series in which some of the world's best drivers competed against one another in identical cars )if Cervelo has their way the Ironman World Championship will be a battle of 1700 P3 Carbons. Their Cheapest Road bike is going for $2000 its sexy but its a Cervelo so I sort of have to hate it just because I am a Specialized Guy.

ok now I feel dirty posting this link.

Now For the big two:


A Roubaix Compact might be just what the Doctor ordered $1600 full 105, Mostly an Aluminum ride but it has a fair share of Carbon.

Check out the site.

Finally the Pride of Bethel, CT the Crack and Fail...I mean Cannondale.

The Synapse Feminine Carbon 5 Full 105 AL with Carbon pieces, I'm guessing MSRP of about $1600. Man I'm almost eating my words at my above comments. Check out the site for Full Specs

These are the entry levels that I have been looking up for reference. Happy Hunting.

The Ron Jeremy of Bike Pjorn.


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Speed Racer said...

I have a couple of brands and styles in mind that I'm looking at, but I'm going to keep that information to myself until I've got something in my possesion... No one can criticize my thought process that way :) I'll give you a hint though, it IS a model you've named.

I decided to do Saturday instead of Friday for my half year celebration. Are you still game?