Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Co-workers could be hating me in June/July

There is one thing that really pisses me off about racing in New England, Every race director seems to think that everyone has Saturdays off. Now for most white collar professions this is true..but I work as a corporate minon in retail, which means those 3 hours on Saturday morning are the busiest of the week. So far the fact that most races tend to Start at 7:00am instead of a more work friendly time of, say 2:00PM has forced me to put two big ones on the chopping block.

The Health Net Olympic.

Why it's important: CT Club Championship.

Why it's on the block: I'm taking the two Saturdays before it off. The first weekend in June is Eagleman and the following week is the Griskus Olympic.

Most Probable Course of Action: Cut it from the schedule. My co-workers will be well weary of my race schedule by then and it will give my legs a rest from the beating they will be taking earlier in the month.

The Patriot Triathlon (Formerly the Patriot Half.)

Why its important: This race was my First Half Iron Last year. Also this is the New England Blogger Reunion I need to make this race!

Why it's on the block: It is on a Saturday this year not a Sunday like it was last year. Also it is on 4th of July weekend, I don't know if my boss will let me off this weekend. Afterall everybody and their brother will be asking for it off....and everybody and their brother will be hitting the branch on Saturday for cash due to the fact the that we are closed Friday the 4th.

Gameplan: Crawl into Bob's office on bent knees,and beg for this weekend off. Thinking of bringing in bottle of Bushmills and Jameson for good measure. RI I don't have to worry, its close and on Sunday so I can travel to it. So I'll take my Vacation the week after RI to get myself to Placid. If I can't do this one I will have some really Angry New England bloggers to contend with.

Well all those realizations aside, I got in a 4 mile run today. The legs don't feel that bad and I wasn't as winded as I thought I'd be after 2 weeks rest. Tonight I'm debating a pool swim to help rid myself of some Corned Beef Residue but its a play by ear.

Until Next time

The guy contemplating the rest of his vacation time.


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rocketpants said...

Interesting change in race days. When I lived in NE I always felt like they were on Sunday...i swear one summer I never went to church due to that. Good luck with all of that, and hopefully you will get the time off.