Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cornerstone Swim Session or I haven't been this tired since Fordham.

Today I decided to take advantage of HEAT's Cornerstone Swim sessions at the "urging" of Ken. I will have to say it was $10 well spent. During my Ironman training phase I couldn't really take advantage of this program, as my Sundays were spent trying to out ride snow storms, darkness, insane motorists, in my desperate attempts to build bike base. So Today I went for what became my longest workout since I graced Taupo, New Zealand with my bitch stomping (for an age grouper) swim speed. The workout today was simple, straight forward and ass kicking. The warm up was a nice steady 800, simple, I led it. Set 2 was 12x50's backstroke kick, anyone who knows me knows my back stroke sucks So Ken and Paul led this set. Set 3 8X200 on 3:00 odds build to max effort. For the first 2x200's I sat in third I finalyy decided to pass Paul and hung on to Ken's feet for the remainder of the set. Set 4 Ken's revenge. 4x (3x75 Sprint on :05 Rest 1:00Rest between sets.) Ken led the first one then put me out front for the rest of the set. I don't know what I was holding and I was too hypoxic to care. As commented I hadn't been that deprived of Oxygen since I was swimming for the mighty Fordham Rams back in the winter of 04. The next set was an easy 4X50's with a 100 cool down all in all about 4100 yards. I left the pool starving, intially I was going to grab a bite to eat but as I rolled down queen street in Southington it hit me. Corned Beef and Cabbage Sunday dinner....I sped home only to find out that the St. Paddy's day feast was pushed back to tomorrow, the day I'm going to be the DD for a couple of my pub hopping friends. A guiness might make its way into the system, but only really early in the night. ( because like all good aspiring bourgoisie gurus I have work the rest of the week and papers and research and all other sorts of Spring break killing intellectual crap to get out of the way. That and I want to make sure these guys get around and home safely.)
So right now as I type this I am looking at the clock, I am exhausted I have research to get done and a quarterly sales meeting bright and early tomorrow morning.

The Lord of the Fast Lane.

This Week's Poll:
Last week's results showed most of my readers have very little faith in my ability to control my spending on bike componets...oh ye of little faith......any way I haven't thrown down on an Ultegra crank yet but my birthday is coming so Mom, Dad...if you want to really make me happy......

Any way this week's survey
Should I hire a Tri Coach?
Yes a coach or at least a coaching plan might be a wise investment, help your uber competitive nature and scourge your copetition.

No Why spend dinero on some guy telling you what to do? Save your money and keep coaching yourself , it's worked so far.

No Wait for 2009 then you can start fresh for a new season, also you might have more dinero in your pockets and more time to devote to training after you finish College.


rocketpants said...

Those numbers in swimming sound crazy! Wow...sounds like an awesome workout.

Ken Schulz said...

Glad you made it and I hope you join us again soon! For what it's worth I was about ready to puke on those 75's. I love the Sunday practice because we have so many people of different abilities.

For this year I think you should chill out and enjoy the season. You are gonna fly with the post Ironman bounce!

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

I got tired reading those pool stats. Yow. I know you're a faster swimmer, but I'm the king of oxygen deprivation in the pool. Back off!

Um, you just finished an ironman, and did pretty well, I might add. I'm not so sure you need to get all hopped up on personal trainer advice, you've done OK so far. And you've got plenty of time next year. Whatever you decide is OK, probably. I'm going to have to check MY bank account, too before too long...

Bob Almighty said...

Pants: Thank you the workout was intense.

Ken: I feel you on the I'm going to Puke sentiment during those 75's
I was strating to see a bright light at the end of a tunnel.

Satan: Don't worry about being a slow swimmer, The longer races are won on the bike and the run, although I hear you on the checkbook taking a hit...I just registered for the Griskus series and renewed my USAT hurt..not too badly but it hurt like my legs post Ironman.