Thursday, April 17, 2008

A better poll/ The week in Review.

Well alright it's a little too early for a week in review..but I can sum mine up in just one word. LAZY. that's right instead of getting up and actually getting in early morning traing sessions I've slept in. I've blown off night training sessions to BS with friends, actually had a beer on a week night, gotten some school work done and have felt like a slacker most of the time. Granted I think my body needed the break..Today I'm going to run before class, the one discipline I've been neglecting for the last week, tomorrow I have a swim/bike brick planned as I get out of work early. I need to get a schedule set and get myself back into a routine, especially with Eagleman looming on the horizon . My swimming ,surprise surprise, hasn't dropped off that much granted I'm pulling between 3000-3500 per work out, less than my nearly 4000-5000 per practices pre-ironman, but not by much. The cycle, I need to hit the hills and hit them hard,I sadly think I have the "old school" Maro Pantani climbing style of climbing with low cadence yet powerful gears, on the tough climbs this has not served my too well. So I need to find my inner Lance Armstrong, and try to raise my cadence. This Sunday I will be going to visit my sister in Newport, so I'm hoping to show up early and get a nice run along the cliff walk in, I would bring the bike, but I don't know my way around well enough yet. Also I have to finish typing a rough draft of my paper, so this weekend is loaded with activity. So in all essence this week was a rest week but longer harder, stronger weeks are in the forecast.

About the Poll:
I've got some comments that I'm over thinking this whole crush thing and its sort of making me into an emotional whiny bitch. So this week's poll:
How should I write my blog from here on out?

A. Keep going the way you are. Yeah you go into crazy sporadic enmotional, religious, political rants but it's your nature and it gives the reader a better picture of yourself.

B. Damn right you're being a whiny bitch! Stop with all the emotional crap...we want race and ride reports, nothing more nothing less...unless it can increase strength, VO2 max, is full dura ace and Carbon fiber, or involves shredding your age group like a rapid beast we don't want to hear about it.



Ken Schulz said...

I say write what you want... but keep in mind that anyone can read what you write.

Speed Racer said...

Write what YOU want to write. It's YOUR blog. If people don't like it, they don't have to read it.

Are you really sending flowers all the way in New Zealand? Are you going to write something sexy in the card like, "Flowers self-pollinate. You wanna self-pollinate with me over the phone sometime?" Hey, it's safe sex, isn't it? ;)

Sorry if I just made you blush.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Your emotional state affects athletic performance. Positively and negatively, depending on that state.

So write whatever you want, but first discuss those feelings that might affect how you perform during training or races, and you'll feel better about 'putting it all out there'.

See, marathon and triathlon training can justify doing or saying almost anything (!).

Angry Runner said...

Shit dude, it's your fuckin blog. Be yoself. Don't be trippin over the content.

To Ken's point- what you write is indeed out there for the world to read. What you reveal and how you say it is the risk we all take.

rocketpants said...

It's your public blog. I agree with many of the others. If people want to read it they read it, if people don't they won't. Be yourself and don't worry so much about what other people think. If you are concerned about something being out there and public, don't write it.