Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CCSU: Start with a dream, finish in a decade.....

Yesterday I met with my advisor to get my registration PIN so I could enroll for what should be the first semester of my final year of college...if you read the title you know where this is going....well I got bad news in 3 parts

Part 1. Well Rob since you're an Anthropology Minor all those intro to Anthropology courses don't count toward your General Ed requirements....what? You mean I can't kill two birds with one stone. Dang..alright I'll take intro to Sociology and intro to Psych or public speaking and some crap like that, 2 BS GPA boosters.

Part 2. The bombshell....so I'll still be able to graduate in 2009 I'll just add those...

Well actually Rob..your going to need at least 11 more courses to graduate...

What? I tranfered in all that stuff from Fordham...

Well Rob right now you're total is 90 credits including this semester...you need 122 to graduate and with your current 4 classes a semester you'll have 114 at the end of next year.....

I kept myself composed granted my fist was about ready to plow through cinderblocks there are 5 major reasons I need to graduate before 2010.

1.Christina, my sister who is 6 years younger than me will be a Freshman.

2. Melissa, who is 2 years younger than me will have officially become the first to graduate from college and will be half way to her masters by the time I finish my bachelor's.

3. I do not want to take out any more student loans unless it's going to get me an MA, MBA, or MD, Phd, or Esq after my name.

4. I do not want to be stuck working the teller line so I can continue to juggle courses. I would actually like to get a 9-5 weekends off kind of gig so I can devote more of my life to more than work and school, I'm starting to get tired of working 6 days a week.

5. I want to be able to leave home before I'm 25. More Student debt, and a Teller I salary won't help to make that a reality.

Part 3: All the Senior Thesis courses for next semster full up...so I'm taking my last 2 400 level Histories, my last Anthro course, a Bio-lab, Intro to Sociology, and most likely Public Speaking so I'll be carrying 13 credits. College Board will transfer over my US History AP scores so that's 3 more credits. I'm looking at Taking General Chemistry over the summer, so I'll be forking over $1k out of pocket ( there goes that rebate check...tear..sniff..that was the bad news...) that's 3 credits so I'm up to 22 which means I just need 10 more from the spring semester and I'll be taking 15 ( psych, senior thesis, basket weaving 101, some graduate hisotry course..) I might take a CLEP for $105 in U.S. Politics, get 3 credits there..just for good measure. Worst case I'll strat toward a second bachelor's in Finance if they're going to keep me here then the company might as well pay for it.

My Mondays and Wenesdays will be shot 3 classes back to back to back from 3:30-8:00 but the pool is open to 11PM so I'll swim on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights. Wednesday will be my rest day, granted hopefully Christina will be driving by then so my mornings will be open, for hopefully 6AM run/lifting sessions granted on Tuesday and Thursday that won't be happening. Because my courses start late on Tuesday I'll be able to close at the branch..and hopefully not get stuck working every Saturday to balance my hours. But we'll see.

Well that was my rant
Hopefully a Central Alum before he reaches middle age

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rocketpants said...

That *totally* sucks!! I'm sorry to hear about such a lame bomb to be dropped on you like that.