Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Does anyone know what to send a Kiwi girl?

Alright as everyone knows I am smitten over a girl from New Zealand...who still lives in New a whole new meaning to the term "long distance relationship." I am putting out a question to the ladies and slosh pipe bearing Casanovas..what do I send a girl that lives half a world away ( quite literally.)?

I thought about flowers, but I'm quite unsure if any of the florists down there would take credit card over the phone, also I don't want to be on the phone for 3 hours with security saying I did the purchase by phone and explain my intricate situation with some number cruncher in New Delhi, or Sioux Falls, or East Bum Fuck, and then end up on a Citi commercial...unless of course they're paying me..... then I run into the whole problem of what kind to get, if I get roses what color. Red..well that would freak her out, I'm not sure what white roses mean, Pink is you're cool and I'm kinda sweet on you, Yellow I think it's like "hey I'm ADD and found Yellow roses aren't they cool." well they are....... Purple Roses at least I think they mean " You broke my heart you cold-hearted bitch..prepare for your current boy friend to be sleeping with the fishes by the end of the week and Mr. Ed's head to greet you in bed... your snubbed ex-lover Don Vito Corleone." either that or you're just both really emo....that just all seems a little too confusing.

Candy....let's face it if they have it state side they most likely have it in New Zealand..well except Hershey's but they own Cadbury so it's kinda the same thing..

She's into cycling..a bike jersey? Socks? that could be tricky, nothing sucks worse that getting her a Credit Agricole Jersey Done up in the NZ national Champion colours only to find out she thinks the dude's a prick. Dura-Ace, nothing says I love you like dura-ace!...wait a second for the same price I could buy myself dura ace......put the credit card down Rob you need that for a summer course.

A cute little stuffed Kiwi? Let's face it she's probably sick of all the little stuffed Kiwi's the gift shops sell to unsuspecting tourists like me.

So that is this week's poll What do I send Cat?

Flowers: Most likely to be delivered to her at work by a local florist. ( if you choose this option leave a comment about color and type.)


Cycling Paraphernalia

Other ( please leave a comment to a side note I don't think she'd be into the whole slosh pipe thing but then again......)


Angry Runner said...

send her YOUR slosh pipe...or Dick In A Box.

you think too damn much over things that don't need thinking. send her something small and stupid with a funny note and she'll love it. thoughtful but not over the top or cliché.

its all about concept, not content. I know these things.

rocketpants said...

awwwww...all that worry over nothing.

Flowers are nice, easy to send and yes I bet the florist (over there) would take your credit card over the phone. If red freaks you out, then I'd say pink...or just go with a nice arrangement of flowers. It doesn't have to be roses.

Maybe a small cute item that is New England-y maybe with a note explaining might be better than sending her 'kiwi' things. She's a kiwi, so something non-kiwi is much more interesting. Don't over think it too much. (PS...But careful sending food items as it might never get to her because of the tough regulations over there with agriculture/food items. Processed types of food are ok though.)

Runner Leana said...

Well, for my two cents I vote other. You could get flowers, and although I LOVE getting flowers I think you can wow her with something more creative and slightly less likely to induce a freak out or "what does this mean?" session. I would suggest getting something small that is significant to New England, like what rocketpants is suggesting. Good luck, and let us know what you decide on.