Friday, April 18, 2008

I still can't get myself up early in the morning....

Today's plan for an early morning swim ended as I hit the snooze button..... repeatedly.... so I'll throw it on tonight after a nice 30 mile ride in nice I mean an uphill quad burning torture chamber that will leave you hypoxic breathing deeper than you ever thought possible and begging for mercy. Yes Boys and Girls I'm doing the Olympic Route, my hammer fest with Bjoern last week re-iterated the fact this year has to be about the bike..if I want to qualify for Kona within the next 3 years....that and quite frankly I'm tired of getting passed by 60 year old women on Cervelos.

Yesterday I managed to get in a workout... and it was a run no less. I did a nice 4.5 mile loop in 36.21. I know its not a distance record or anything but it was a good little matinence run. My stride is still ok, my aerobic capacity needs to get shocked back to reality, and if the weather stays as nice as it is I might start going shirtless, and bringing the fuel belt with me, on my 8 miler. This weekend is going to be a little hectic. I've got the HEAT picnic Tomorrow, after work followed by a nice ride/run brick. Then some paper writing. Sunday I haul out to Newport to visit Liss and pick up Chrissy. I might go up early and get a run in along the cliff walk...maybe the in a vintage English track get up.....ok I'm not going the do the Chariots of Fire thing...but I do plan on running in Newport, I would bring the bike but I don't want to get utterly lost, by myself on the mean streets on Newport afterall some tennis playing yuppie might mug me to prove to his precious Smuggiekins that he's bad ass and the Tae Kwon Doe lessons were worth it. Although they do have a lot of cobbles.....the stomper is staying home and I'm running damn it. If I can get my run on for 8-10 miles that would be great, but any time I can get perfecting my stride and looking pimp is worth it.
Monday I hand in the rough draft of my Paper from Hell, I know what I want to say I just have to put it in ink. So that will be the project late tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday Evening. Eventually I'm going to have to take Angry up on this Slosh Pipe thing, because as of late I'm feeling like a weak little runt. I did 15 push ups last night and it ocuured to me that my lack of strength training could be hurting me. Especially my swim where strong shoulders and triceps can make a huge difference. ..In any case the bossman is giving me the evil glare...back to the grind.


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Ken Schulz said...

This Sunday Sunday SUNDAY you should swim with us again! Oh, tri party on Sat too!