Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally back in the weight room.

Well after reading Angry spout on his weights, kettlebell, and slosh pipe, and noticing my bicepts and tricepts were looking a little saggy I made my way to the Waterbury YMCA for a session of lifting and some sweet sweet pool time. When I entered I was reminded that my memebership dues are coming well might be my last visit to the Y for a while, unless of course I sneak to other area Y's until next payday, but in any case I went to the last bastion of non-gangland testoterone in the dirtywater. My session began with some core work, 150 assorted crunches. Then 3x 16 DB arm curls @ 25llbs. 3x 10 DB Tricept press same dumbell. The next set on the tour of pain was some squats, 3x 8 reps at 95 lbs. I felt incredibly weak, and odd as a group of teenage gawkers looked on. The squats were followed by 3 sets of 8 reps same weight bench press. I tried to do lunges with a 25 plate in each hand. My knees felt it and as I attempted todo leg extensions I was forced to abort to same myself from injury. I ended my night in the land of Iron with 3x8 pec flys with free weights. at 25 and 30 lbs. respectively. Weak yes, but I'm an endurance guy.

I hit the pool and caught up with Cervelo Chick, who except for learning how to draft is tearing it up on the ITU U23 2012 she should be a front runner for the London games, and hopefully I'll be spewing some shit of I knew her when on some Pod cast from Lake Placid after I desimate the field on the run overcoming a 10 min. gap Macca style. ( I can dream can't I). Anyway tonight was a distance night. 1000 warm up followed by 500 pull, followed by the main set 4x500 on 7:00 3500 yards it was a good night except I lost count on all but the last 500, so I think I might have tacked some Extra yards on. ( I was coming in on the 30 and I know I wasn't going 7:30 for 550....) Regardless I feel that I am regaining some much needed strength and that if I can get in the weight room at least 1-2 times a week than all will be good in the land of Bob-o.

This weekend not much is on tap. A ride/run tomorrow, followed by school work, followed by a Serbian double bluff to the Crew at the Southington Y, and ride followed by mas paper writing on Sunday. I am beginning to get the sense that my weekends and afternoons will soon be mine and I can hardly contain myself.

Getting Stronger as we speak.


Angry Runner said...


Rules for Bob-O Lifting:
1. Thou will never get on a machine unless injured and in rehab
2. Thou shall never isolate
3. Thou shall balance scapular movements
4. Thou shall train the Posterior Chain
5. Thou shall show off for gals, not dudes
6. Thou shall train one's own bodyweight often
7. eh can't think of any more....

we'll work on you.

Speed Racer said...

I was going to say Angry's gonna be pissed about those db curls, but I can see that he's already let you know :)

Sorry we didn't wind up riding today, but the weather is exceedingly $h!tty up here, so it's probably for the best.

I can't wait to say, "I knew Bob-O when..." Hopefully the end of that sentence won't be "he got crushed under some 25lb plates.