Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's in a name.....

Well I could post about how I skipped class yesterday to do some much needed research, get in a much needed run ...and oh yes take a desperately needed nap...5 hour nights just ain't cutting it in point I slept through my alarm twice this own fault for being up late, being non productive but still.

Anyhoo that is not what this post is about. Rather after a brief discussion with Ken at the Nutmeg State Half about the Jodi/Bob throw down ( sadly I can't make it to Steelhead, but if we both qualify for Clearwater your ass is mine Jodi! ( Howard Dean Yell here!)) Ken has already placed his bet on the side of the good Doctor. " no offense Bob but I think Jodi and Mike Honcho will school you and the Bitch Stomper." Said the Cookie Monster. Well from this smack came the idea of what to name your bike. Is there an interesting story behind it?

I'll divulge mine:

Last summer or "DebtFest 2007" I decided to throw down on a tri bike. Afterall I was flying Halfway around the World for an Ironman and I wanted to haul serious ass, and sadly I don't think my 23lb. Sora equipped road Bike ( Trusty Enrico, or my sister's lover, she chose the name becuase she was the one crammed up against it when we traveled the state to my various races. )My local bike shop really didn't offer much in the way of financing and sadly I had to defect to the other area shops. First I checked at Newington Cycle, they're a co-sponsor to the CCSU tri club, I know Jeff who is almost as trustworthy as Al ( lets face it Al and Blair have taught me everything I know about bike set ups, tuning, repair, how to patch a freaking flat.) Jeff is my tour BS kind of guy...and these guys carried trek and lemond as well as the Trek card. sadly the Trek bikes I had fallen in love with were all out of stock, and the Lemond in my price range wasn't looking too appealing. I saw an add for the Biker's Edge in Bristol spitting distance from my homestead and they carried Specialized, Trek and C-dizzle ( I didn't know where Central Wheel was at the time and I didn't want to traverse the State more than I had too. ) Needless to say that's where I found it, a $2000 piece of aluminum speedass. a 54cm Specialized Transition comp in Chrome Black Metalic. It had a 105 Crank, front deraileur, and Calipers..which hey it's an upgrade and a half from Sora...and the vernerable Ultegra 10 speed, rear cassette and rear deraileur......I was in love. I was fitted nearly match perfect to the damn thing. ( If anyone does go to the Biker's Edge, Ed or Bob will take care of you, and there was this one mechanic who was pretty cool, some of the young guys come accross as used car salesman.) needless to say I threw down $1600 on it, along with $200 for a bike rackthat sees more use in the Summer on shorter trips like pan New England ( as much as I want to use the rack on my Maryland Adventure I'm afraid of NY and PA traffic crushing my beloved steed.) and about $1k in shoes pedals and other accessories. When I finally got home with my new baby, I found my self thinking WWARD? ( What Would Angry Runner Do.) what would he say about this slammin' new set of wheels. Only one phrase came to mind " You could stomp some serious bitches on that bike." Thus it came to Pass that my Specialized Transition Comp became know Hence forth as The Bitch Stomper..and since that day in August it has left a path of death in destruction in the 20-24 age group that has been unparamounted.... well alright I won my age group twice and finished 20th in my Age Group and in the top 400 at Ironman New Zealand...but this summer muhahahah! Now if only I could get an extra Cassette, and maybe upgrade to full Ultegra, maybe some Zipp 1080's...alright I'll stop dreaming over componets and future up grades.

Oh yes and Consider yourself write on your own bike naming experience ...or lack there of.

Back to the grind.


Jodi said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a deep Clearwater rolldown for us both


My bike-

I considered my bike to be bike porn. Mike Honcho is the porn name of Cal Naughton, Jr. from Talladega Nights.


Angry Runner said...

I fully remember saying that. I'm also glad you used the name; You've done well so far.

If you make Clearwater, I'll come do the run with you just for the hell of it.

BreeWee said...

Okay one Pina Colada (did I spell that right?) just for you! Thanks for the well-wishes, totally I appreciate em'!
AND you are so right, the people are amazing!