Monday, June 2, 2008

I think Map Quest hates me.......

Well upon trying to plot a route to Eagleman this weekend....I'm trying to avoid tolls and NYC traffic at all costs. ( the Tolls because this month is financial hell for me as it is, the NYC traffic well self explanitory...I don't feel like getting shot for cutting off the wrong person.) I found getting to Maryland won't be a problem, but on the way home Mapquest seems intent on making me take the Holland Tunnel and West Side Highway. I lived in NYC for two years I know how bad the West Side Highway Sucks, plus the toll for the Holland Tunnel is a whopping $8. Seriously why won't these guys just give me a route back to the Tappan Zee. I'm almost at the point of tossing down for Amtrak because at least I'd save on Gas and tolls. But irregardless, I might toss down the $5 for a map of PA, NJ, NY just to map out a better route. right now it looks like Eagleman is a go, my parents said they'd toss me some cash for gas, I might sell a few of my DVDs and some racing collectibles I've had since I was a kid, but it all depends. If my stimulus check comes in that would be a big help, but I'm not banking on it. So I'm trying to get myself in the mindset to take on the commute and the race...If I qualify for Kona, there might be a lot of photos of me shamelessly begging at the awards....and emails to every and any one with a house in Kona for a home stay. Bree Wee, I can cook and do dishes, just no diapers....but that 's going to be a hard task. Looking at the splits I need to not only break 5 hours I need to be close to breaking 4. I have full confidence that I can shatter the sound barrier on the bike, considering the course is supposedly flat as a pancake, the swim is in a slight current, but then again I usually swim in the out side lane getting blasted by the filter jets anyway, the run well I've been under alot of stress lately and I noticed that I tend to store alot of that pressure in my quads and calves I'm just hoping mental fatigue dosen't set in. Also the fact that is supposed to be close to 90F (32C) and I sweat like a Turkish Weight lifter in a wool sweater, has got me a little worried about the run, but then again it's not supposed to be as humid as originally thought, and the run is my second strongest leg. So essentially for the race I'm mentally and physically ready. It's just the logistics that are stressing me out. I any one has directions from Jersey to the Tappan Zee, please let me know, I really don't want the kiss of death from Don Fabrizzio after I cut off his black Mercedes at 79th Street.

The Neurotic Navigator

Edit: Bjoern has his race report up. It looks like it was one hell of a day. Click here to see the post.


rocketpants said...

Good luck with all the logistics. And if it looks to be warm, and you sweat a lot, don't forget salt tabs/gels (that *actually* have a lot of salt in them...Gu does not). Otherwise that run will be a non-run.

Angry Runner said...

why not just reverse the directions that took you down there?