Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bjoern " Sex on Wheels" Boyer

Alright Ironman live screwed up his bike split although I'd be taking an hour and a half in T-2 if I averaged 42 mph on the bike. In any case Bjoern had a great day out there throwing down an impressive 5:07. a 32min swim followed by a sub 3 hour bike and a 1:48 half marathon, it seemed like it was a good day for him, so hopefully in Maryland Next week I will be able to join the sub 5 hr. club. If he does the Nutmeg State Half this year I might have my work cut out for me trying to get that age group win. But enough about me it was Bjoern's day in the sun today. He should have a race report posted soon and I can't wait to read about it. I seriously think if he can drop 6-8 min in his swim split he'll be in seroius business. He has one of the best bike legs I've seen and he seroiusly he lives on two wheels, it a shame that his work schedule doesn't allow him to race more because I think he'd be in serious contension for some age group honors in the USAT rankings. On that note the weather is good so I'm going to get another ride up to the lake this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm out of work early so I'm thinking a ride around town might be in the cards just to try to get a few more miles in. But it was a hell of a day in Zurich.

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