Monday, July 28, 2008

2 for 1 Ride for your life & I hate Mondays

Yesterday, my plans for a 60-80 mile ride got well..rained on quite literally. After watching the tour ( Damn you Carlos Sastre and Team CSC damn you! now everyone will be rushing out to buy Cervelo road bikes claiming they are the "world's best.") and making a quick run to stop and shop, for "nutrition" ( was going to try a candy bar regiment, just to break up the montony of gu, unfotunately my milky way melted.) it was off Middlebury to begin my ride. The begining was a little interesting as some gu2o must have spilled on my brakes and a wonderful squealing sound could be heard at the slightest tap thankfully that sharp down hill with a lovely stop at the bottom helpped burn it off and I was in business. I got out to Lake Waramaug and it was pretty uneventful except for a dead deer on someguy's lawn, attacking a crow buffet. After one loop of the lake I looked at the increasingly darkening sky and decided to high tail it back to Middlebury before I got caught in the approaching storm. As I rode back it began to sprinkle alright I can deal with a little rain, the wind kicked up ok I can deal with wind and rain, thunder rolled, shit, lightning struck Holy shit, I got into my biggest gears and rode a time trial Lance would be proud of. I aero stretched on the descents, as I out raced the increasingly violent storm back to Route 47. In my mind I was picturing my obituary, and being nominated for a darwin award, Cycle in a cyclone, man that would be the article title, and forever more I would be remebered for chlorinating my self out of the gene pool. I got to Woodbury and tree limbs and shit were falling around me, winds were blowing my accross the road and debris was hitting me square in the face, the rain began to belt down and finally I took shelter in some hole in the wall Biker bar on route 47. After a half hour I got back on my bike because the storm had let up and began riding up into Middlebury, I wasn't even half way up White deer rocks when the rain began puring down in buckets, I managed to make it back to my car in one piece but it was ugly. Total Distance 50 miles or 80k at an average of 17.4 miles per hour, not bad considering the hills and the weather.

Monday: Today after doing futher research on "the chain" I decided to add weights to my planned swim run double. Needless to say it did not go as well as I hoped, for starters I have forgotten how to do a Turkish get up, I did get some kettle bell snatch and cleans (or was it clean and jerks all I know is clean is some how involved in it) and I managed to screw that up I couldn't get my explosive little hop at the end, that and I don't think I kept neutral spine. I tried getting some pull-ups in a pathetic 7. 3 in the first go 4 in the second, my squats were equally disappointing but I managed to make up for lack of weight in reps and avoid injury. 3x8 reps at 95lbs. It was after this I said F**k this S**t! and went to the pool for 3000 yards. Main set 3x500 on 7:00. after all this I grabbed a gatorade and got a run in. Hauled out to Middlebury and ran the first 3 miles of the griskus bike loop, then back to my car so it was a little more than a 10k. Time was 55.26 slow barely cracking 9 min/miles but it is Monday and I did a lot previous. Irregardless, I need to work the weight room harder, I need to bring diagrams of the workouts I need to do and do them, I need power, I need speed, I need to break 5 hours in 2 months time.

I need more power!

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iron-boyer said...

I think the two of us have to work on our running speed to make it to Kona.