Saturday, August 2, 2008

For those about to rock.....

Today is D-day or I guess I should say V-day for Claire Badass MoFo as she tackles her first Iron-distance at Vineman. Actually as I write this she's probably in the midst of a 2.4 mile (3.8k) swim and making war on some Nemesis that reared their ugly head in the pre race. In either case she should be flying on the bike so I expect to hear it on how her bike split schooled mine from New if only Vineman had a live tracker.......

In two weeks my HEAT team mate Tony and New England Pro John Hirsch take on Louisville..and there will be a trail of much death and destruction left in their wake. I fully expect Tony to do pull ups on the finish line tower after the leap of faith in RI.

Vin, and a Small HEAT contingent are going to go at it in Niantic tomorrow, sadly it sold out but I need to save my pennies anyway. Park City is off the calendar as Entry is F**king Ridiculous...I knew I should have registered inMarch....uggg.

Angry....I don't know what Sir Angry has on his agenda... but I know it will involve speed, strength and the ever increasing the power of his chain.

Pants and Runner Gal, well I know Runner Gal is running a marathon in my part of the Motherland ( Yes I am of French Canadian desent Vive Quebec!) and Pants hasn't really posted what's next on her agenda, but it should be something exciting out in the tri capital of the world.

Bjoern is going to launch and all out assault on Vienna in September.

Jodi is doing Steelhead today, then Hopefully Clearwater in Novemeber.

Ken who has suddenly gone from zero to 3 races in a week might be creeping around winding trails on Tuesday, keep you eyes peeled for a tall guy in a HEAT or Cookie Monster Jersey.

Bree Wee looks to take the party to the Motherland ( Canada eh....) and after reading about her repeats of the Energy Lab, it looks as if a first pro win and a duel in October with Crissie Wellington might be right around the corner....

I'm not sure if Ironmatron is doing Timberman although I have some friends racing up there.

Cranky seems to have dropped off the face of the Planet, I hope he hasn't been mowed down by some group of Rabid Central Park Cyclists.

Mindy Contiunes to heal and make her way back.

Gretchen continues on the path to her 100 mile adventure.

Well that's all that seems to be happening in the racing world in August.


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Ken Schulz said...

Great review! Angry frightens me and there's no need to worry about me. I'm waaay off my usual times and just having fun! Great to see ya at West Hill!