Saturday, August 2, 2008

The week in review: by the numbers

Yards swum: Pool 6200 open water 1.1 miles so total for the week is about 4 miles.

Miles Biked counting last Sunday: 75 low but working on it.

Miles run :25 (6mi on Monday, 7 mile track workout on Thursday, and 12 miler today.)

Total training for week 104miles.

Ok it looks like a lot when you add it up. This morning I managed to get some core work and quick weights done. I don't think Angry would approve of the arm rows, but the step up with 15lbs. Plate, Lunges with 2x 25 plates, and side lunges with 40 lbs. curl bar might strengthen my weak legs ( sadly they do not have a bar set up conducive to dead lifts.).Threw in a warm up set of 2x 20 push ups 75 crunches, tried to get some pull ups in I'm still a pathetic weakling I'm only able to do 4 at a time, when I was in my prime I could do 10 on a good day and 8 while I was hung over at practice on Saturday morning ( Fordham Swimming Holla!), I think I need to keep doing the push ups to rebuild my lost strength, as well as some benchpress, and kettle bell work. I want toned powerful arms and uber powerful legs so I can try to go head to head with the pros in 09. Likewise, I'm going to start to get some longer training rides and runs in before the weather starts to suck....figure that way if I end up doing a late season race or an early 09 season race I will have the base mileage under me.

All in all that's all that's going on here.
Still no word on Claire Badass Mofo....she should have finished sometime in the last hour depending on what swim wave ( for some odd reason the directors at Vineman don't like the "fun" of 2000 athletes laying waste to one another.) she went in....figure a conservative 1:10 for the swim 5:45 for the bike and conservative 4:45 on the marathon throw in 8 min for transitions so about an 11:48...that's my estimate...anyone wants to toss in their speculations throw up a comment....I really wish all Iron-distance races had athlete tracker, and a finish line live feed....tear..sniff.



Bjorn Boyer said...

why is your weekly cut off on Saturday? you totally confused me :) Is that an American thing?

rocketpants said...

Claire finished in 12:24, she's all done!

Trihardist said...

You can do deadlifts with dumbbells. Or without anything, for that matter (i.e. a Sun Salutation). Bonus points if you do it on a core/wobble board.