Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finally training with Peeps. TDF /Cervelo Smack.

Well after Tuesday's Dash and splash, I was hoping to get another pool session in yesterday, but tightness in my legs, shoulders, and my impeccable knack for bull shitting, threw a wrench into that plan, so I just chilled in the hot tub for 15 min. loosening my tight legs. Anyhoo out of the deal I arranged a training session with my friend Justin, doing my Holy Cross Hop Brook loop of doom that I did on Tuesday. ( It's about nine miles if there are any takers in blogger land, ahem Angry Runner!). For me it's finally good to be training with some other people granted I do lose some training time in catching up, but having someone there to help push the pace and share in the suffering helps to make the monotony of a long run, ride, or swim workout from hell pass a little quicker. For the past couple of weeks I've sort of been a loner. Haven't really talked much to people as I attempt not to spend un-necessarily, or at least not too much. Sunday I met up with a few of the HEATsters, and it felt good being around people again, granted I felt socially awkward as I tried to mack it with 2 girls who after about 5 min. I realized they weren't intersted, well it's probably better that they weren't. I can't afford a girlfriend, at this point, granted if I keep using that excuse by the time I can afford one I'll be a wrinkled old fart and "Gold digger bait."
Irregardless, it's been nice to actually have human contact that doesn't involve money changing hands over the past couple days. It almost makes me feel normal again, for a while I was begining to think the customary response to " Hi, how are you?" was " Cash ,Large bills!"

Sunday I'm riding through Middlebury/ Woodbury /Washington Claire you're supposed to be tapering so no coming down this week end, put your feet up and watch Cadel Evans smash Team CSC/ Saxo Bank's hopes of a yellow jersey, and dash Cervelo's clever marketing campaign for 2009, granted Cancellara will most likely win the TT , but all that matters is the dude in the Yellow shirt rides for someone other than CSC/Saxo Bank, a rides something other than a Cervelo..ok TDF rant over

Well that's it for now, one day I will explain how I went from being a fan of cervelo, when they were the anti -trek to being a sworn cervelo hater, and the only rider on CSC who's heroics I respected only to watch him fall from grace.
until then
Vive Cadel!


IronMatron said...

I voted for AZ. It's flat, and it's not going to cost so much you can't compete in any other races for the rest of your life! :)
boo to kona lottery! You are good! just give yourself the time and eventually you will qualify!

Runner Leana said...

That's great that you found someone to ride with. I'm going to try and look around here to see if there are any cycling groups I can join up with, although I'd like to meet a group of tri-minded individuals if possible.

Should you do an Ironman next year? I bet Arizona would be a good time, but I think you should totally try for a Kona lottery slot too.

By the way, your comment about it tasting like chicken? HILARIOUS!!! Thank you!!!