Friday, July 25, 2008

Slyvain Chavanel Finally wins!, welcome to the blogroll, and professional development

Ok I had to get that out of my system. I've been following TDF since I was in middle school and to see this guy finally win was a joy. I remember a brave breakaway he led in 2003 in which he was caught at the bottom of a major climb by Lance Armstrong after leading one of the Alpine Stages from the opening km's (crap I'm turning into Phil Ligget), every stage this year he has been in a break and to see him finally win and his emotional reaction reminded me of all that is good in sport.

Ok random TDF moment over. Also Iron-Matron has been added to my blog roll, there are some others who have commented that I need to add so if it takes me a while I apologize. Also I put in an App with The Hartford or as Angry Runner will call them " The unholy Horde of Southington." Enemies of freedom, a road bump in his corporation's bid for world domination. Don't know what will come from it, but I figure if I want to improve my station in life/ finance I need to take action, and the worst case senario is they will say no, so nothing to lose. Went on a ten mile trail run with Justin, turned out pretty well although this guy can smoke my ass, seriously, he's well on the right track to qualifying for Boston. I was a bit humid, the fuel belt made an appearance, but it was a good session...not better than sex...but good. Speaking of which there were two girls sunning themseleves on the beach and I gave a cat call to which I was given an unamuzed look from under a pair of sunglasses. Irregardless, that's enough out of me


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iron-boyer said...

I think I am in. Do you know if they have an race entry insurance in case I am not in the country during that time? I think I will be here but just in case. I really want to go so as of right now we have a deal. IM Arizona 2009!