Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I haven't been this sore since High School / Return to the polls.

Well after a long day at the office and a quarterly meeting ( in which we wre told not to fear for our jobs, the bank is secure well capitalized and will survive for the time being, also stock went up a buck yesterday Yoo-hoo!) I had decided that morning to toss my running shorts and micro tee on under my work clothes and after the meeting in downtown Waterbury, pulled a Clark Kent and high tailed it to my Alma Mater, Holy Cross in the West Side of the dirty Water.

My plan was to run an old 7 mile route from my high school track and field days, the memories came flooding back as I left the parking lot to risk my life and limb on Oronoke Rd., after the rapid descent of Oronoke I took a right and entered Hop Brook State Park. The run was on asphalt for a majority, but I was able to mix in some trail goodness, after spitting out on the wrong exit I ended up tacking on an extra 2- 3 miles running up route 63 and country club rd. I'll say it was a 9 miler Total time: 1:20.15

After the run I had a bottle of GU2O and it was off to the Y for a 3000 yard work out, the intial plan was 1000 warm up with 10x 20 on 2:50 sprint every odd 200. That lasted until my sugar craving body bonked on #6 I still did 10x200 but I did 1-6 every other 200 sprint on 2:50 followed by 4x200 pull on 3:00 I managed to hold under 2:40 on the 3 sprints just made the interval on the rest ones and all 4 pulls were at 2:45 or lower, all in all it was a good night in the pool, although it might have been better had I eaten something more than the mini pasteries and fruit they had at the meeting. Needless to say, I woke up tis moring with tight Hams and quads the calves are tight but used to the punishment. Today I had a ride on tap, but I might swap for a swim due to the adverse weather in the forecast, I've decided to skip on the track workout tomorrow, figuring I'll use the next two weeks as a mild build phase then drop the hammer in August. I want to use the next 3 to 4 months of decent weather as base and build toward a possible early season Ironman in 09.

I have a poll up on should I do an Ironman in 09?

Option A Do Ironman NZ again: It'll only cost me $2600 due to the arrangements I have with some friends down there.

Option B Sign up for Arizona in November, It'll probably cost me about the same amount, maybe a little less. Only draw back is if I qualify for Kona 2010, as a 24 year old and I bump up to the 25-29 bracket in April 2010 does that make my slot null and void?

Option C Enter the Kona lotto if happens great! If not take it as sign from the Almighty that a 2009 IM is not in the cards and focus on 5 to 6 local races.

Option D Skip out on an IM in 09, finish school, pay off debt, find a higher paying position, Your health will always be there but the first steps entering the professional world are vital. Also focus on getting that 10k sub 40.

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