Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let the Assault begin.......

That's right in my never ending quest to lessen my debt yet train and race like an animal, this week has become an all out assault on my body and check book.

A$$ault on the check book:
Alex is paying the final installment on my road bike ( tear, sniff, I will miss you Enrico, may you help him as you helpped me...whiny emotional rant.) I get paid which means my creditors get paid, and now I've been hit with I have to pay my own insurance which now means $202, a month is now going to the wonderful people at Met Life and Casuality, one day I will have a better paying job..one day, hopefully sooner rather than later. Needless to Say Park City has gone from Probable to Doubtful, so August might just be a hardcore training month prepping myself for an all out assault on Nutmegman..the goal to break 5 at all costs. New Zealand 09 is looking really doubtful but then again New Zealand 08 looked really doubtful, September will bring some relief with my student loans ( my cards paid for gas and food at school so it is a school expense , that and I need to tuck away $1k for a winter session course, I need to graduate.... soon so I can work a 9-5.) ok financials and professional/ education rant done.... for now...

Assault on my Body:
Last week I sat around and got fat, to rest my legs after the rampage my 3 tris in a week took on them, I swam twice for a grand total of 5,000 yards. I ran 0 cycled 0 lifted 0 unless you count a bottle of coke. So yesterday began my "Bobby is going to train himself like his life has no other meaning than getting faster." phase I did a 3400 yard work out granted I shot the shit for a while with Ray, Alex and Josh, but I still managed to do half of my Pyramid of doom ( 8x 50 on :45, 5x100 on 1:25 , 2x200 on 2:50, 400 on 5:45 the second half would be descending down again.) I had wanted to run Yesterday but hosuehold duties cut into that, so Today I plan on going for a 6-8 miler once I'm released by my corporate masters at 6PM hopefully the meeting won't run that late and then a quick swim tonight at the Y. I had wanted to run this morning but I slept through my alarm, penance for that will be a 5AM lift and swim and an evening bike session tomorrow.

I plan on doing a track workout Thursday night if it isn't storming, I figure Bree's 10x 1600m on :90R ( I'll do it in the Art Rodriguez School of T&F start easy and descend by 5 sec. on each repeat until I'm sprinting my balls ..er legs off.) sounds like a good threshold/ speed session. Next week I'll do a longer long run, and a shorter track session, I'm just desperately trying to get my Half Marathon into the 1:30's Marathon into the 3:30's so I can be in better contention for an Ironman in 09 and decimate my age group by an insane margin at Nutmegman, I want to not only break the 5 hour barrier I want to smash it with a barbed wire coated steel chair and leave it crying for its mommy. Ok so my descriptive language lacks style and class, but I seriously want to break 5 before Bjoern does, insert picture of him and I pulling the Ken Glah/ Paul Kiru mad dash for the tape, alla Ironman New Zealand 1990.

Alright that's enough out of me today, I've got to go track down a VW bus, to drag behind me on my training ride.


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