Thursday, September 18, 2008

Aid Station to Aid station.....

At the pre race meeting at last year's Ironman New Zealand Cameron Brown broke down how to run the Ironman Marathon : "break it down into 21 2km races, run aid station to aid station." well maybe I should carry over that philosophy to life.

This morning as I was writing an email to Catherine explaining that I wouldn't be coming down, the reasons why and how it would interfer with life goals, I couldn't bring myself to send it. The rational part of my head was saying hit the damn button already, but I flinched. I exited the email and browsed the HEAT website for a moment. I read Tony's blog about IM Kentucky and for a moment memories flooded back. Part of the reason I did the damn sport was for the people, for knowing I could do something most people wouldn't even dare attempt, to see new places, try to new shit and have a whole new set of complaints afterward. So am I doing IM NZ....... I don't know? It could happen Entries don't close until Jan (earlier if it sells out but with the economy, I don't think that's an issue.), a lot can happen before then , I could get a promotion, my parents could end up getting a shitload of new home buyers taking advantage of low interest rates and fed incentives ( I could also get hit by lighting twice in the same spot while simultaneously winning the lotto and being abducted by aliens. To put the odds of that in perspective, not that I don't have faith in my parents but I have no faith in the market.). I'm not going to worry about it if it happens it happens if it doesn't oh well I actually get to stay warm this winter....I've got to take life one day at a time, right now bills and grades are pressing, getting my Pale "fat " Franco-American ass into Ironman Arizona is behind that, followed by what ever else life throws at me. So that's how I've got to look at it, also it gives me time to come up with a more polite email.


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Angry Runner said...


You'll make whatever decision feels right, just be prepared to deal with the aftermath: good or bad.

But, in the end it's your decision. Only you know what's right.