Tuesday, September 16, 2008

News on Nutmegman, Vienna, and more

Well I bit the bullet last night and sent out my app, hopefully it won't hit until Thursday, I haven't previewed the course yet but I've heard of a few trouble spots hopefully no monster climbs or descents but there are some sections that will make it interesting.

Bjoern did well in Vienna making me deathly afraid of throwing down against him in an Olympic tri. ( His swim split is only 4 min. slower than mine now and his bike is a good 6-10 min. faster, the run I guess it depends on his IT band. Dude two words:Trigger Point.) I'm still confident I'll take him next November at Ironman Arizona, after all a 2.4 mile swim and a marathon are long races in their own right .

I re-read, my Bob-o's going back to Taupo post and as I sat there and read it it almost seems like it was written by a different person. Have things changed that much? When I wrote the post Things looked pretty settled, Catherine and her roomate were going to take me in for about two weeks, then came news of cutbacks at the Times, she was fired and they offered her her job back within hours, ( not sure if she took it.)and I haven't heard from her since. She said she was still going to try to organize a homestay for me if she moved back to New Plymouth. Part of me is greatful for the effort yet the other is leery. Do I really want to take advantage of a stranger's hospitality? Cat and I are friends so that's cool, but Simon's moved to OZ, I'm not sure if Jude or the ladies in reception survived the layoffs, I met Jo the grand total of once, what if they hate me? what if I tick them off with my cocky attitude and my Damn Rock and/or Roll I just don't want to leave a bad impression on anybody, so that's had me looking at Tui Oaks for 7 days, maybe head to New Plymouth or Auckland for a week while I'm there ( or just get on the bird and come straight back), but a hotel almost doubles my anticipated costs. That's what's had me thinking this whole mess might not be meant to be. Irregardless I know Bjoern and I are doing Ironman Arizona that November, part of me really wants to go back to NZ but for the first time in a while I'm actually agreeing with my rational side and thinking staying home in March might be the wiser plan..but I don't know we'll see I'll wait until I hear from Cat...and run the number cruncher 4000 again.
Regardless, I worry about that later, right now I've got a race in 5 days to taper for.


iron-boyer said...

I saw you struggle through 08 and I wish you all the best for 09 but I hope that your rational side will take over completely. We will make IM AZ an unforgettable adventure. Watch out for my running legs after this winter.

Speed Racer said...

Bobby, take it as a sign. You've already got one ironman on the books for 2009, how about you hold off on doubling up until your financial situation is better. Plus, what if you DID qualify? That would really, REALLY suck if you qualified, but didn't have the money to go. Save your money and your time and spend it on a well-thought-out training regime.

That's what I'd do anyway. Hey, it's not like the economy is falling apart. I'm sure that a young student working at a bank in the middle of the biggest financial crash in 80 years who's living almost entirely on credit will be just fine booking fantasy trips around the world. Yeah, it'll be great!

Speed Racer said...

I mean regimen, not regime.