Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nutmegman and Beyond

Well as of now I have a week until my final tri of 2008 and already my focus is turning to 2009 and how I should prep. For those of you not following the inner turmoil of whether or not I should enter IM New Zealand ( it has pretty much gone like this Wah I'm broke wah, wah I might not be able to do it, Wah, wah I've got to grow up...etc.) So if I do do it ( even if I don't I want an excuse to stay in shape) I want to do better than last year, I don't want to fork over a little less than a quarter of my salary to be an "also ran". So I'm planning on getting all the over distance crap out of the way in October/ November ( I might do the Hartford half instead of full, or the full the day after a long ride "prep work" for the ironman marathon.) and then cut to 50-70 mile matinence rides at the lake throughout the winter. The swimming won't be a problem as Stef has taken the role of masters coach and will kick my ass back to my high school level shape, and my running well I plan on doing a little more speed work this time around. In essence I want to go to Taupo as an unstoppable animal. I'm planning to take heed from the Angry Runner and lift , do push ups and eat protein, as I'm finding strength work can helps performance ( ex. Me at Fordham lifing harcore 3 days a week I was able to pull faster splits than I was in high school putting in the same amount of pool time.). I'm planning on using one of my weeks of vacation in either October or December ( if it's in December I may be checking with a friend down south or out west if I can crash with them.) to get a training week from hell in. Early morning swims, long rides and runs to sculpt myself into a rabid animal. As for this week I'm on a mini taper for Nutmegman I haven't been able to preview the course, but I've been training severe hills for the last 4 months so I should be ready for almost anything..hopefully it won't sell out before I enter. I think I'm might be one of the only young guns competing so my age group might be a joke, although in Rhode Island all the fast kids showed up so nothing is guaranteed.


Speed Racer said...

All good plans. Don't listen to Angry, though, it'll just give him a fat head and you a sore ass. Believe me.

iron-boyer said...

I wish I could be there for the Nutmeg State Half Iron round 2. 2009 will be pay back time :). On the swim I am going to stick to your feet. By that time my goal is to be able to stay in your draft zone.
Good luck to you and your NZ plans. In February we can do a last few workouts together if you intend to go to NZ.