Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting ramped up....

Well there are only 4 days until the ING Hartford Marathon ( with all the disturbance on Wall street that could change...granted ING seems like a pretty stable company..granted I haven't seen the balance sheet so I can't really tell.) Unlike Nutmegman which sort of crept up on me...I feel pretty good. There was some tightness in the calves but I'm confident I'll finish the 26.2 mile ( 42.2km ) Odyssey...I've already completed more long distance training runs than I did for Nashville granted I haven't done near as many as I did to Prep for Ironman New Zealand, but without a 112 mile (180km bike) to wear me down I believe it might not be over optimistic to think I can/will go under 3:50 or even sub 3:45 on Saturday.

The list of bloggers participating in the Hartford Marathon looks more like an NFL style injury report:
Blogger injury Status
Bob Almighty Tender Gastrocs Probable
Cranky Runner Tight Quads Probable
Speedy Claire inflamed tendon Questionable...Game time decision?

I'm thinking team M.A.S.H. Unit might be more appropriate than Team Angry, to describe us.
I still have a few details to iron out on meeting places and times, whether or not we're meeting up on Friday night or not..etc. but it seems like it's going to be a beautiful day in Hartford..temps ranging from the high 40's to the mid 60's ( might have to break out the long sleeves for this one afterall...) No rain, snow, fire and brimstone in the forecast...so it looks ike Saturday's going to be a good day in HOTfurd...I mean Hartford...so that's all from me at the moment.


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Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Damn, I LOVE brimstone. Oh well, we can hope.

Yes, what's the fun in 'tapering' if you don't have some weird leg pains to scare the lactic acid out of you?

In all faux-seriousness, be careful over the next few days, watch out for dining room table legs that jump out in front of you, and crap like that. You know, paper cuts, missing the curb, missing the bottom step, etc. Watch out.

And yes, you can do this, especially since you won't be doing all that other crazy stuff you did before the marathon in Taupo.