Friday, October 10, 2008

T-minus 22 hours.....also its the biggest weekend in (Blank) and I can't mention (Blank)

Well It's 10 AM about this time tomorrow I will be running through an aid station probably thinking with each breath, cup of Gatorade, GU, and step , why the Hell did I think this was a good idea again? Damn the Jedi Fucking mind trick...

Anyhow, upon the suggestion of one of our former (Blank) friends who has been seduced by the Kool-Aid which is (Blank-Blank) Under penalty of cash fines we can not mention (Blank) , (Blank-Blank) or any items within. So that means I can not talk about a certain event in which a couple of certain bloggers who tend to be experts in ( Blank) have been posting one way it is refreshing but in another way I just want to post about on how ( so and so from the South Pacific) is going to kick (a certain person from the European continent's )Arse on ( a volcanically formed land mass surrounded by a large body of salt water. with barren black terrain) and how ( certain other geeks) might win ( Blank) competition. Man this post is looking more confusing than my 1040... in any case if you want news on (Blank) scroll the links in my links section or you could just wait until tomorrow afternoon...or stroll on over to ( * not a real link) and watch the (Blank) stream live.Alright enough writing like I'm saying the eighth dirty word.

This weekend I have to get in touch with my inner Kenyan ( while I can't discuss (Blank) I can discuss distance and while I may be complaining I'm Somewhat undertrained, I'd rather be running 42k in Hartford in my running shorts than prancing around in my tighty whities for 5k on (afformentioned Volcanic land mass) mainly because I'm not the type of person who could be considered attractive in tighty whities...and no this event is a running race not a (Blank) in fact it is a mockery of (Blank) and how European athletes would compete in (Blank) wearing nothing but speedos (can't fine me for it they are pure swimming equipment.) either case back to Hartford.

In pure road races I tend to get my ass handed to me mostly because most USATF events tend to have 10 year age brackets instead of 5 year like USMS or ( The evil organization that I currently shell out $35 dollars a year to be a member of.) But even in 5 year age groups tend to be a top 25% runner but not really a podium competitior...I'm good but I'm not do I expect to podium tomorrow...well not really afterall some 20 year old Kenyan guy will probably win the damn thing with a 20 something year old from Eithiopia on his tail, and maybe a 20 year old kid from Colorado coming in somewhere in the top 10. No tomorrow is about PR-ing with no madness cloging the legs with latic acid I should be able to fly...hopefully if my muscles and tendons behave themseleves.

Alright that's enough of this madness I'll have better posts later tonight or tomorrow when this censorship is lifted.

The running man


Trihardist said...

Jedi Fucking? What? Sorry, didn't catch a word of what you said after that ;-)

Amy said...

Haha! Wow that was a lot of blanks