Saturday, October 11, 2008

No more censorship a marathon PR

First off let me start by spewing what I could say yesterday..I could not mention Triathlon or anything involved in it...hence all the (Blanks). Well I will start out by congraulating Craig Alexander on his Kona win, Crissie Wellington is in the next zip code ahead of the the second place woman so head on over to to check it out.

This morning Cranky, Speedy Claire, and myself took on the ING Hartford Marathon. Long story short Cranky's going to Boston, I did a PR about 20 min. faster than I seeded myself ( Seeded 3:45 actually time 3:26 Cranky thank you for pacing me.) and Claire broke the "magical" 4 hour barrier ( 3:58). Sir Angry did well in the 5k going in the mid 22 min range after no run training for 3 weeks and one week of high saturated fat barbacue. I'll post more when I can get the feeling back into my feet.

Latic acid is stupid...but it gives me an excuse to watch the Kona webcast with my feet up.

The road worn warrior


Speed Racer said...

I can't figure out how to make the stupid Kona webcast work. I hate that stupid site. I'm reduced to watching the stupid text updates. It's kind of taking the suspense out of it when you see it that way.

Hey, remember last year when you thought Chrissy Wellington was doping? I think your words were something along the lines of, "I've learned not to trust people that come out of obscurity to win Kona..." or something like that. She really is something...

Speed Racer said...

"Chrissie Wellington came across the line, then rolled to show her support for the Blazeman cause.

"Anyone say class act?"

Now who does that remind me of?

Amy said...

That's pretty awesome!

Bob Almighty said...

On the Crissie Wellington thing...I said I was skeptical because it is unusualfor a newcomer to win Kona ( although the helping those poor orphans in Africa and other classy things definitely gets you on the fast track of the Karma train.) plus with all the doping in last year's tour (taking out one of my favorite riders..Damn you Rasmusen)in either case Crissie proved she was the real deal this year by dominating Ironman OZ and I'm not as much of a skeptic granted I wish she would ride a different bike....

adolfo said...

A week of hardcore GDC action can really break you. Man, do I feel old. And, I’m very jealous of the IGDA student scholars who seemed to be out every night until 4am, but in lecture sessions for 9am! Though, I must say that this GDC did feel more intense than in past years.
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