Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a 6 miler, a black president, and a long distance relationship?

Well yesterday I skipped class to do some work and get in a much needed 6 mile run. The end of Daylight savings time now means anything done after 3pm requires a head lamp. It wasn't my traditional loop but it had some challenging hills nonetheless.also I had to dodge some traffic running through Waterbury, but it's not a bad little route. I brought out the head lamp although I managed to finish before dark, total time 54:19.

Also for those of you that don't aleady know ( which you'd have to be stuck in a cave that only broadcasts Fox news.) Barack Obama won the U.S. Presidential elections, and by won I mean clobbered poor John McCain...for the title of world's highest paid janitor..and sadly Obama will have to carry on the dreaded Democrat tradition of raising of the reasons I was ticked at both his and McCain's convention speeches, promising tax cuts and social reform... you can't fund social programs without revenue and guess what tax cuts take away from revenue and you can't keep borrowing money from China. Some honesty or a Churchill-esque blood, sweat, toil, and tears speech would have been appropriate. Needless to say I might not need to ask Catherine to help me get a New Zealand Greencard, at least not yet....because unlike John "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran!"Mc Cain, Obama is for diplomacy which means at least for right now my butt will not be in camo unless I so choose. Ok political rant done until next year.

Relationship the current object of my affections (name released when anything official happens like we decide we're a thing.) goes to school in Newport, RI, she wants to see a movie this weekend, I can't drive out to Newport again this weekend, she might not be able to drive all the way out to me so we might meet in the middle, granted it will most likely be later at night because I need to get a 50-60 mile ride in. Part of me is really thinking that a relationship at this point in my life isn't in my best interest, while another part of me feels like something long dead has been awakened, irregardless, training and school must come first.
So that's all that has happended in the life of Bob.

Viva Obama! until he does something stupid.


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