Sunday, November 2, 2008

IM New Zealand Update and other 2009 tri ramblings.

Well I was not able to put my entry in to Ironman New Zealand Thursday morning, since a majority of my pay went to bills. ( Somewhere in North of Boston, my destiny is probably shouting..."see, see it's a sign! you're not supposed to go!" ) So I'll try again on Nov. 13 hopefully there will still be slots, also that week will be host to Bob's Hardcore sufferfest culminating with a century bike ride that Sunday.. ( wooooo..oooooo,Claire come down and ride with Bob that weekend this is your destiny calling...wooo..oooo.) crap did someone hear it sure is drafty here in Newport...Yes Angry Newport be jealous... Today doesn't have much going on I'm down visiting my sister and some friends so we'll go out for breakfast and then I'll probably tack on some run mileage before driving back to the C-O -double N. Yesterday I did a 20 miler on the stomper, I wish I could have gotten a little more in but, 20 is a good start, figure next weekend will be back to back 60 milers. I figure even if IM New Zealand falls through ( ie sells out in the next two weeks.) the long distance base mileage done this winter will pay off, because absolute worst case scenario I'll replace NZ with Rev3 in Middlebury and just begin training for Arizona. Also I want to try to earn some prize money at the Patriot this year but because it's been moved up to June 20, so there might be a larger pro field, but I'll play that by ear, besides I like having clear water on the swim ..and after beating the winner of my age group by about a half an hour I don't want to go in a slaughter a bunch of Half-iron virgins...also on the same light if he drops the same amount of time I did over the course of a year he might be riding along side me saying " how do you like me now ...bitch!" So yeah Patriot 09 is going to be interesting, as I try to keep my streak of finishing everysingle one of them alive...( my streak at Nutmegman died with my derailleur malfunction.) Whatever Ironman or Ironmans I do in 2009 I'm feeling that it could be a great season. 2008 was over ambitious but I've learned some more important lessons ( and I know somepeople are like "you didn't learn anything if you're going back to NZ.") Hence my domestic schedule is a little less ambitious No Eagleman and $400 expenses for hotel food and gas, RI 70.3 is up for debate, depends on where it fits in and if I've done Rev3 or not. The Griskus Olympic is probably off the schedule unless it's CT club championships if I do Rev3,
so that's $70 in the bank, the Griskus sprint is a guarantee. So in essence except for the Griskus and the Patriot and IM Arizona my schedule is clear. So I have my plans set, my backup plans set, and my backup plan for my backup plan developing.

So close yet so far.


Speed Racer said...

Well you know what I think about New Zealand, so I'll keep my mouth shut about that.

What day were you going to try to go for a long ride? Would we be able to start earlier than last year?

Woohoo, I didn't realize that they'd moved the date of Patriot... I wonder if that means I won't have a schedule conflict... I'll have to look into it.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Yeah, well, keep an eye out on Taupo possibly filling up sooner than later. The NYC Triathlon here sold out in 22 minutes (last year it was 8 hours). I thought about it, but stinging jellyfish aren't my thing.