Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bobby's gotta a girl?

Well, long story short this weekend was a waste of sorts, instead of diligently studying or training, I ended up going to Newport, going on a date and might have ended up with a ( gasp) girlfriend (I know pretty soon we'll hear reports of Hell freezing over.) I know what most people are going to say " Awww that's so sweet." and other mushy gunk like that , no offense, I really can't read. Sorry gals and semi-emotional dudes out there, my dentist told me sweet stuff can give me cavities so I'd better follow his advice.

Alright so Bob-o's finally gotten himself a girl, why is that a bad thing? Well it's not in a sense but now it means I need to revamp the way I train. Read my post from the other blog here. Normally I live like a freaking monk, work, train, class, study, sleep,repeat. Now I've got to throw some time into a relationship, because sadly I don't have the baller lifestyle of most guys my age, and this girl is too sweet to be a "hit an quit" damn it I quoted Hitch, now I have to do at least 100 crunches or tack an extra mile on to Today's run...that and also I'm kinda of into her, plus she's my sister best friend and she's tight with my sister's guy pal so needless to say if I do anything stupid my ass is quite literally grass. She's looking at doing elementary education, not sure if she's trying to stay in New England long term or if things "hit it off" if she'd be willing to relocate with me to the Left Coast if that's what I choose to do...but that's for later down the road, right now we're still trying to work out the whole dating thing...and it might never get past that so I really have nothing to worry about, except how I'm going to cram in some dates around training and school work. Alright all that aside today I skipping class to get some training and work done, I figure I go pretty damn religiously so one night off isn't going to kill me, I figure I'll email what's due and hand deliver a hard copy tomorrow, but I just need to devote some time to the books tonight as well as get a run in because it was too damn gorgeous to be chained to my desk all freaking day. So that's what's been going on here.



Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Whatever happens (and here's hoping it all works out), at the very least it will be a good break from the current work/train/sleep schedule. Learning to juggle might be an option now, too.

Otherwise, I'll tell you what I'd say to anyone near the end of a race... nice job.

Runner Leana said...

Ah the balance of dating, work/school and training.... If there is a secret to balancing it all I haven't quite figured it out yet. But juggling is okay, and having a life is good too so play priorities.