Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have tasted the Deadlift...

and it tastes like chicken..
Yes last night before swimming I got a nice 3 mile run in on the ugg..treadmill... and decided to, as the Angry Runner used to put it, lift heavy things. I did some squats, absolutely pathetic numbers of pull ups, some major core work , some peck fly press with free weights, and dead lifts. Ok so my squat weight and dead lift weight were a measly 95 lbs...I know make all the weakling comments you want, but for last night's dead lifts I was trying to focus on technique instead of power. So I did an insane amount of reps at low weight, eventually I will work up the numbers and maybe even give the Angry One a run for his money... in like 5 years.

Swimming I got about 3200 yards in which isn't bad for my second time in the water this week. Papers have been hell on my training , and this "cold snap" isn't helping my lack of cycling. ( Al Gore where are you and all your global warming go green psychos* now...when it's a balmy 15F (-9 C) outside in New England....what's that Al you're full of's that for an Inconvenient Truth.)

So yeah not much new in the neighborhood except I have discovered the power of brute force and I like it...damn it I turning into Angry...

Freezing his Beans off.

* I have nothing against people wanting to go green for their own piece of mind/ health. I do have issue against the zealots who are screaming we should give up all modern machinery and go back to living as kinship based foraging communities. What did Buddha say everything in moderation.

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