Friday, November 21, 2008

Lots of Sound and Fury and I'm back to stage one.

" You, Change your mind, like a girl, changes clothes"- Katie Perry.

Well after looking at my Fiscal Situation I'm not going to be able to put Forward an Ironman Entry until January. So in essence I'm back to square one with my race planning for 2009. Which leaves me with 3 viable options for a 2009 Ironman.

1. Arizona or Florida via community fund:


Help out the local community.

My race entry becomes a tax deduction.

Race with Bjoern and have a mini Ironwar. ( Arizona only.)

Race with Gary and have an Ironwar..well not as intense because he's in a different age bracket.(Florida only.)

Course is gradual climbs and gradual descents. (Arizona)

Course is Flat as a pancake.( Florida)

All of 2009 to train.

Kona slot carries over to 2010, which means I don't need to burn cash on a qualifier in 2010.


$1300 price tag.

After tallying all the other associated costs, I might as well have done New Zealand.

Kona Slot carries over to 2010...which means I'm in a more competitive bracket...ouch!

WheelSuckeris North Americanis is known to thrive in Panama City.

Californians and Floridians are bred for triathlon.

2. Ironman Kentucky through general entry or community fund, depending on what's left.


Cheaper than Arizona ( $525 if GE slots are left, only $1000 if I go via the community fund.)

Decent terrain for the bike course.

I can get notes from Tony, Bree Wee and John Hirsch.

Race with Judi.


Summer in the South ...Hot, humid, "if you find yourself in warm fields then you're already dead..from dehydration."

Ohio River has that nice nuclear waste after taste.

3. Ironman New Zealand.


Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt! I know what it takes to Get R Done!

Temps are fairly mild 60s-70s F ( 15-25C).

Get to see Catherine and some of my NZ wrecking crew.

Airfaire is dropping faster than my 401k's value.

Great Exchange rate $1 NZD = $0.53 USD

25th Anniversary.

Course is slightly rolling, like Connecticut


My airfare costs about as much as entering a US race via the Community fund.

Ironman ready in 4 no make that 3 months?

I'd have to buy a bike case ....Boo!

Did I mention those 3 months are in winter ...double boo!

My 401k's value is dropping!

Wind..Blows...and by Wind I mean that 20mph head wind we had last year was a slight breeze compared to what this bitch can dish out.

Aussies and Kiwis are bio-engineered in secret labs for Triathlon.

Roads are rough and will make your hands go numb from Connecticut.

Well in deciding which Iron I'll do next year I have a lot of factors to look at. Although I did mention Ironman Kentucky last year so maybe I have a self fulfilling quote Bree, Maybe "I'll get lucky in Kentucky."

I'm also starting to get some Jedi freaking mind tricks to go to Florida in Jan. to run a certian Marathon at a certain kingdom, with a certain racer of high velocity, two runners with cantankerous attitudes and a Canadian speed demon. Don't know if that will happen but it could.

So in essence 2009 is up in the air...

Changing his mind by the minute.



Runner Leana said...

Aw come on Bob, you should totally come to the World if you aren't doing IM NZ. It would be so much fun! The only hitch is registration is at 99% right now...

Judi said...

IMKY is where it's at.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

MIND TRICKS! Love 'em. Come and kick some Disney characters with us.

(evil laugh)

Speed Racer said...

Just sign up for one already!